Shoes represent way of life

One of my friend likes to observe what shoes people wear in the street. He told me there is a big difference between what he find in China. In China, there are various style and colorful shoes people wear:High top boots in winter, colorful sandals in summer, boat style shoes, platform shoes ……It seems  that height increasing shoes  already be a trend whether for men and women. Women like wearing high heel shoes to make balance on mental expectation.

walk on street with sneakers

However, for Americans, they prefer sneakers more. Their life is more simple. Sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, all in one pair are enough for all the year round. One summer holiday, he ate out in a restaurant of Indianapolis and made an interesting survey on what style shoes people walk around him wear. When he counted about to one hundred people, the result is clear. Six for dress shoes, sneakers are more than sandals.

The result surprises him and me. We try to make some explain about it. Walk and running is daily life for Americans. So sneakers are necessary. What’s more, shoes are not only related with living standard, aesthetic need, but also about the way to live. When we choose shoes,our aim is not just for beauty and increasing height. Life is movement. Exercise can not be limited in playground and gym.

What’s your opinion about shoes and life?

wear a pair of colorful dress tall shoes with your suits

black leather elevated shoes

In traditional idea, it is the standard matching:black suits, white shirt and black leather shoes. It fits well for black pants, white pants and grey plaid pants. It is true that black leather shoes are must-have for every man. However, from the fashion view, creativeness is more important than rules.

brown leather men shoes

The first color that can be alternative is brown. Compare to black color, brown is brighter and close to the earth color which can highlight men’s character of maturity. Brown color also can be divide into different shades, like brown yellow, brown red, dark brown.

choose the shoes color according to your suitsPairing by color is nice, and has an especially nice effect if you wear the same color shoes with suits. Navy blue shoe is corresponding to dark blue suits, while light brown for khaki suits.

splicing leather shoes

Splicing shoe is outstanding among dress shoes. It is better whether from the color or design. Bullock shoes and oxfords have more style in splicing. Avoid too long length of the pants legs to cover the exquisite details of the shoes.

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New Arrival elevator dress shoes

It is always busy on every new season. Our factory workers will do their best to make the new season elevator shoes to satisfy market requests. For Chamaripa, Casual style shoes are more than dress styles in Spring/ summer. But we also update some fashionable dress shoes.

1.MODEL: 323B01

cow leather slip-on dress tall shoes

Color: Black, Brown

Increase height:6.5CM/2.56 Inch

This pair of shoes is featured in three parts by straps. The shoes have beautiful  radians.

2.MODEL: 323K07

Round Toe Genuine Leather Party & Evening Height Increasing Oxfords Shoes For Men


Increase height:6.5CM/2.56 Inch

This pair of shoes is featured in the mixture colors in different shades.

3.MODEL: X70H120

dress shoes for men to get taller

Color:Dark brown, Black

Increase height: 7.5cm(2.95inch)

This pair of shoes is featured for its three  stripes on the upper.

Discount news for high quality taller boots

A good news for our old and new consumers: these two pairs of ankle boots have been marked down on price.

1.MODEL: V1931

Reg: $186.00

Sale: $168.00


For consumers who have focused on our products, you should know that this pair of brown suede leather sold very well in our store. Thanks for your long time support, we surrender part of the profits to customers. The number “168” in Chinese words means “make a fortune””get richer”. It is the same as our aims to make you more confident in your career and earn more money.

2.MODEL: V1930-5

Reg: $196.00

Sale: $157.00


The original color of these height boots are brown. But one of a consumer want to have one in black. So we make the black soft leather boots for him. Now the sales for the black one already exceed than the brown one.

Both of the two pairs of ankle increasing boots are in limited quantity. If you are interested in them, hurry up!

Eddie Redmayne with “the theory of everything”

There is a difference between actors and their roles that play in the movie or TV. Before, we often talk about the male short actors in real life who plays the strapping and superman images in the movie, such as  Robert Downey Jr (iron man), Tobey Maguire(spider man) and Jack Nicholson(Batman). But this time 5′ 11″ Eddie Redmayne plays 5′ 7″ Stephen Hawking in the film “the theory of everything”. It makes our eyes.

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in the theory of everythingHonestly, I know little about the real Hawking. His impression on me is one great scientist who found black holes and wrote “the brief theory of time”. His image in our eyes is one poor small man siting on wheel chair, beating words on a computer and voiced like a robot. The movie shows us a different Stephen from his school time in Cambridge. He was just as healthy and youthful as any other phd students in university at that time. Even Eddie Redmayne said in the visit that he didn’t ever know young Stephen is healthy and strong. He also ride bike and  rowing boat.

Eddie Redmayne with Stephen Hawking

Happy time is short, painful time comply along with him for his rest time. Gradually, he couldn’t walk by feet, pick up spoon, stuck in the stairs and even speak. All is unnormal. Through such hard times, he still get such big research. Of course, Film is  artistic and it is actually an unconventional love story more than Physics and science. What I want to say is that Eddie Redmayne really made much effort on playing a vivid Stephen. It is not easy for a strong, tall and healthy actor to do as a  crooked, difficult in daily life scientist.  Eddie Redmayne deserved to win the award of best actor in Oscar.

Augustus’s clothes in film “The fault in our stars”

I like the movie “the fault in our stars” and have repeated watched it for several times. Recently I’m interested in studying the film dressing of actors. By observing Augustus Waters’s clothes in the movie from beginning to end, I found that Augustus really like wearing the basketball trainers. What a pity the cancer make him lost a leg and stop playing basketball.

1. Brown leather jacket + Gray Short sleeve + Jeans + Basketball trainers

leather jaket with  baskerball trainers

It is the first time Augustus Waters’s meets Hazel Grace Lancater in the support group who have the same “”journey”(disease). This dressing is very suit for his age at an 18 years-old boy who is humorous and optimistic. It is the common style for Augustus in this movie. Almost, he wears leather jacket, jeans and basketball trainers all the time, whether they are have a picnic in the park, talking in the swing set or walk around in the street of Amsterdam. The change is the T-shirts inside.

leisure style

2.Household relaxed clothes


When Augustus’s friend Isaac dumped by his girlfriend Monica. To comfort and ease Isaac’ mood, he comply Isaac playing video game at home. It is a very household and relaxed clothes: Red Jersy,slacks and always the basketball trainers. From the decoration in his house, we can see many trophy and a  pair of Rik Smits Jersy in the wall.

3. Handsome suits

handsome suitsThe first and only time when Augustus wears suit is when he have a dinner with Hazel at Oranjee before visiting Peter Van Housten in Amsterdam. It is very incredible handsome looking for him wearing suits. But if you know that it is his death suits, you may feel sad as me. By the way, Hazel’s blue coat is also very gorgeous.

Pain need to be felt and beauty need to be admired. If you have time, suggest you to watching the movie “The fault in our stars”.



Show your love with couple clothes

Recently, we have put forward a pair of sport taller shoes for lovers. This time we will set up some recommendation for the whole matching for couples.



Morning exercise can make the whole day full of energy. The eye-catching orange color stands for endless energy. So sport shoes with tripped color is a good choice.

2. Park picnic

park picinic

If you don’t want to have lunch in the hall that full of people. Have a picnic taking advantage the nice weather is not  bad. Casual shoes with  low-top convenient loafers look very leisure and romantic.



Among the long time for shopping, you may have a break at coffee house. Round collar sweaters and  recreational suits are more proper.

4.Dancing party

dancing party

If you don’t attend the very formal dancing party, Satin tuxedo with high collar knitting shirt is more creative. Patent leather shoes can make you shining.


What dress shoes to wear with power suits

In the article “Dressing etiquette for office ladies“, we have said that women should wear suits for work. For formal suits can give off the credibility and authority in commercial occasions. But not all women like wearing suits everyday, and they can have the same power with dress in the negotiation meeting by their own skills and personal ability. Then is it said that power suits already be dead in the market?

No! Women still wear suits in workplace with the more  feminine design. And for men, they nearly can’t live without suits. It is the symbol of confidence, authority,personality and taste. Now, we don’t talk about how men choose power suits and what details should be paid attention. Instead, we will discuss what dress shoes to wear with power suits. Since suits have such important symbol, how can we ruin the whole aura for the wrong shoes?

There is no doubt that the most suitable shoes to match with power suits are dress shoes, especially in black and brown colors. There are so many shoes brand in the market, how can we find the decent one? We will introduce you one kind of special shoes, that is elevator dress shoes can high you in look and boost confidence in  quality. This time, we just demonstrate you two pairs.

David Beckham

Dress shoes to make men look taller 2.76 inchBlack calfskin leather dress shoes 7cm/2.76 inch. Dress shoes in 7cm height is most popular among male celebrities. The lace-up design can make it adjustable to feet.

James Franco


Reddish Brown Leather Insoles Height Increase Dress Shoes For Men

Reddish Brown color dress shoe is rare. But the actual effect is not bad.

Dressing etiquette for office ladies

Different from fashion show stages, dress correctly is better than dress in trend. As an office lady, her dress should not only show personal charm, but also suit for her occupation. Compare to business men dressing, office ladies have more choice in color and style.  But it also follow the basic dressing etiquette.


office lady suitsAs to business men suits, tailoring fit is also very important. Female tend to be thin figure, so avoid to wear loose suits. Otherwise, it won’t look pushy. There is no clear laws that women can only wear collared shirt, vest is also available. Generally, shirts can also not be limited in solid color, but don’t wear too bright colors. In formal commercial occasions, suits with long sleeves is must-have whether for winter or summer.


office lady business clothes

There is no need to wear suits everyday. Skirt is alternative, but Leather skirt, mini skirt, halter top shouldn’t be wore for business occasions. Skirts for suits should be close to knees. Apart from shirts, other jacket can also wear to match.


long stockings for office skirtsWhen you wear skirts in commercial occasion, silk stocking is necessary.  Flesh-colored and black stockings are the best choice. Sexy Stockings such as decorated with  fishing net or floral are wrong choice.  At last, it is long stocking instead of short stocking. Kind remind, stocking is easily to be cut, so take spare stockings at your bags.


slip-on chunky heel dress elevated shoes for office ladies

Sky- high heels are not be suggested. Low top boat style elevator shoes and chunky heels can be suitable. Sandals that expose toes and slippers are prohibitive. Shoes for commercial occasions should be in simple and solid style. Besides, make the balance on the color of shoes, bags and clothes.






Is height part of the reason for the fragility of marriage

Does height matters in the choice of partner among famous celebrities? It is often be discussed and we can get completely different answers according to different examples. If we say the answer is no, we can list some Famous Hollywood short men in a happy family, such as Michael J. Fox and Peter Dinklage . If you say height really get in the way for love, We can also list some couples, and Tom cruise seems to be the best proof.

tall women  divorced with short men

Among Tom cruise’s three wives, all of them are taller than him. Surprisingly, all three divorced with Tom cruise in their 34-years-old.  No one can explain such coincidence. To explain their divorce, height, of course not the main reason. Love is an amazing thing, when the two fall in love, there is no shortcoming in eyes. However, when love disappears, any question can make unhappy. It is obvious between Tom cruise and Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes rewears high heel shoes after divorced with Tom cruiseOn social events, to match with height, Tom cruise wears height increasing shoes, and Katie Holmes was forced to wear flat shoes or sandals to low height. But after they sign the divorce agreement, Katie spend a huge money on buying beautiful high heel shoes. Shopping is a good way to release sadness.

What’s your opinion on this question?