North Korean young ladies like high heels while men like elevator shoes

Reports said: now young ladies in North Korean tend to like shoes with gorgeous design. Women prefer shoes in more than 5cm heels while men like height increasing dress shoes with pointed toe.

Reports mainly introduced the situation of normal shoes factory. It said young women prefer high heels including platform shoes. Shoes with colorful decoration would be sold well. High heel shoes in less than 5 cm are not so popular, so the factory tried to satisfy the market demand.

Kim Jong-un wears elevator dress shoes

Meanwhile, men also become to care about the shoes design. Dress shoes with pointed toe are very favored at North Korea. Men’s elevator shoes begin to be wore by males. For its top leader, Kim Jong-un also wears customized increasing leather shoes when he visits other countries.


How To Match Casual Shoes In Summer

The most popular style of shoes is Mark style casual shoes in 2014. Mark delicate line nearly decorated shoes in the street like a beautiful landscape. Chamaripa launched spring and summer fashion explosion model casual shoes has four colors:blue,modern red,fashion brown and black. Here,let us recommend something different with the way of casual shoes this summer.

Blue shoes with a white linen casual trousers, elegant and stylish. Now, office workers are benning to pursue a leisure life, the cabinet of house with basically prepared with some comfortable soft linen pants. Blue elevator casual shoes let you look more elegant and chic!


Modern red style shoes with British short pants

Early May,you can feel summer is coming, hot weather,take off the thick clothes in haste,exposing thighs,so that my thigh to breathe.In particular,some petty bourgeoisie of workers,particularly favored British style short pants.


Stylish brown shoes with casual jeans

Throughout the year,how can less got wild jeans, fashion jeans are the first wave of urban influx of people living at home or out essential, men who wear jeans to show more youthful and full of manly!


Charm of black shoes with black casual trousers

Black casual trousers seem mature and stable,has been men’s favorite.Service people are generally required to wear suits to work, so choose a pair of black increased shoes is their a good choice, you can always match with black trousers


List for best dressed men in April

We make a list on the men who dressed very well in April. From them, you can learn some tips for dressing to be attractive and taller.

NO.1 Chris Hemsworth

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth Appeared in the London premiere of movie “The Avengers II” in one pair of blue suits. White shirt with one purple tie and brown leather shoes. The whole color broke out the traditional suits color selection.

NO.2 Chris Evans

Chris EvansChris Evans wears elegant dark grey fine plaid blazer. It makes wearer reserved yet vivid. Color of hair, necktie and shoes is very harmonious. Orange sock is very outstanding in the whole style.

NO.3 Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas HoultGenerally, male actors wear suits for movie promotion campaign in suits. But in the promotion campaign of “Mad Max”,Nicholas Hoult wears olive-green jacket, white t-shirt with dark jeans. It makes him look neat and tidy.

NO.4 Michiel Huisman

Michiel HuismanMichiel Huisman wears one pair of printed shirt instead of traditional white shirt. The beard makes him very yuppie.

NO.5 Ryan Gosling

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling often  wears a long sleeve shirt to attend  various activities. He is used to roll up sleeves to  show the wrist and wrist watch.Neckline slightly open to show strong chest.



How To Choose Height Increase Boots For Short Men

Many young people like to wear elevator boots,because it is very cool.But not everyone has the tall figure of supermodel,to find a suitable pair of taller boots isn’t really easy,so when choose elevator boots,must try and try again until the appropriate date.


What brand is good with increased boots? Chamaripa is the most popular from the current market,it is diverse styles,sales volume is very well.Other brands of boots is less and styles is singularity.

1.If the leg is a little thick,discarded leather stiff style is better.Choose scalability of the material that can stretch along the leg shape helps disguise thicker legs.
2.If the thick ankle but slender legs,then short cylinder, round elevator boots are a good choice,either to hide weaknesses can also highlight slender legs.Let you look higher and slender.
3.If the slender legs,then when you select the taller boots,should pay special attention to the boots and legs whether is left between the gap,so as not to create friction legs and boots when walking, causing your discomfort.
4.If the legs are coarse straight,the best to avoid wearing revealing increased boots and straight shoots,to avoid exposing your weaknesses.
5.If the genu varum legs,then choose the best material scalability elevator boots is better,it can modify your shortcomings.


April special offers for quality elevator shoes

For consumers who focus on our Chamaripa Shoes, you must have noticed that our online shop launch huge discount for more than 20 discount fantastic styles. This time, our coupon is different from before. Before, we may provide some special offers for some shoes that may be shortage of size or may not so beautiful in outlook. Among the discounted shoes, I will recommend you three pairs of them in particular.

brown genuine leather increase shoes

2.95 inch brown full grain genuine leather shoes fit for wedding, party or work very well. Graceful lines divide the shoe in three parts. When you wear this pair of dress elevated shoes, you can not only get 7.5 cm extra height, but also make you look royal.

black dress shoes to make men look taller

As for this style, most of our consumers tend to buy the brown one(X92h38). It makes the black one be ignored. In fact, although it is in classic black colors, the elongated shape can also make wearers elegant.

black increase height men shoes

Unlike the two former in round toe, this one is in square toe. Dress shoes with square toe may look a bit heavy. But with height insoles built inside the shoes, It became stable instead.

Let no short man in the world is our mission. Make consumers enjoy the biggest benefits, we are always try our best.


Are Elevator Shoes Obvious When You Wear It?

Although many people have been very understanding the elevator shoes,or have tried it.but here is still have a part of the crowd didn’t know what it elevator shoes,they may also can ask the search engine are elevator shoes obvious when you wear it?


Now as a customer service form elevator shoes onlines store,I will give you the affirmative answer:it is not obvious when you wearing the elevator make you look taller invisibly.

Elevator shoes,is a kind of shoes,compared with the ordinary shoes,it have the increased function,so that is the reason why elevator shoes is a little expensive than formal shoes.Elevator shoes are shoes that have thickened sections of the insoles (known as increasers) to make the wearer appear taller. They are also known as height shoes or height increasing shoes or taller shoes. Elevator shoes look the same as normal shoes from outside. Of overall the lift is hidden inside the shoe. it is comfortable and safe to wear,because the lift is elastic and curved to fit the feet. With elevator on, wearer would be taller by 5cm to 13cm (2-5.11 inches), looking more handsome, dignified and graceful.


So lots of man like to wear elevator shoes to become more taller,when you wearing the shoes on,there is no one know you secret.if you a short man or you want to look taller,pls go to get one pair of elevator shoes now,if you don’t know where to buy elevator shoes,you can go to visit this online ,the shoes have good quality with cheap price,more than 300 style for choose.

Long skirts also fit for short lady

Milan Fashion Week is the “barometer” for  fashion design and consumer trends in the world. Exquisite aesthetic extends from T station to street shooting. Apart from women’s sneakers, elegant long skirts are very eye-catching in the street shootings. Whether dresses with big peplum or accordion pleats, they can show feminine elegance.

Some may said long skirts only fit for tall women. No. If you know how to dress, it can also make you look taller. Retro dress with belt can elongate  proportion of legs. A pair of slim coat can make you straighter and higher.Over-the-knee dresses with low-top ankle footwear can look tall from vision.

Let’s see some street photo in Milan.

purpe long skirts

Floral skirts

dresses with coat

black skirts



P.S.True love makes a better me

As female, how do you think of love and what principles make you decide to date with a man. Some may ask these questions before she decides to date with man: “Are you single””Are you guy””Are you working”. From these question, we can see that she wants to find a man who love women and can afford daily life cost. It is Sharon in the movie”P.S.I love you”. Some may want to find a man love her inner soul more than outlook beauty. It is Denise in the movie “P.S.I love you”. Finally, they are lucky to marry with the ideal one and build a new family. Happy ending.

P.S.I love you

But if the one you meet before already proved to be the best one to you suddenly leave you because of brain tumor. What will you do?You may also get distraught and  withdraw from family, friends and job. We all know it is not good to last for a long time. But loneliness of losing the love one can’t be felt by others. It is the situation for Holly. Magic, the one she love, Gerry send a series of letters to help deliver her sadness from his death. Each letter brings her a special new adventure. But it is not enough. I have said in my other article that women’s elegance comes from her inner confidence. Only when you become confident, you can really open your heart to new life and new love.

Holly discovers her flair on designing women's shoes

By accident, Holly discovers her flair on designing women’s shoes. After enrolling class about making shoes and setting up her own shoes shop, Holly turns her hobby to career and at last find the meaning of love:”There are all kind of love out there,this is one and only my life,and it’s great and terrible and short and endless thing.and none of us come out of it alive.Your love brings me from the dead.”

loves makes Holly confident

In my opinion, I will date with a man not for he is tall, handsome and rich. Instead, he should knows about me and support for my dreams. He should always give your positive energy and make you be a better one. P.S.I love you!

Dressing ways for straight striped suits to make a new look

Straight stripped suits were once necessary for wall street financial workers. It is again popular this year. Instead of the past serious and professional style, it tend to be yuppie style. We will introduce some tips to make formal suits look yuppie and informal.

1. Dot tie makes stripped suits nifty.

Dot tie makes stripped suits nifty

Before, I think dot tie with strips look complicated. A pair of white dot tie can make suits look less serious.

2.Totem Shirt + Stripped suits

totem shirts with stripped suitsTotem shirts completely remove the serious feeling of formal suits. Suggest to wear the same color shirt as suits to avoid being abrupt.

3.Jeans break the formal sense

Jeans break the formal sense

Jeans always be so all-match. Upper in plaid shirt and stripped suits, light color jeans and loafers make it very leisure. But I don’t think everyone can dress this well, especially when you wear the jeans with holes. Without care, you may look sloppy.

4.Bright stripped suits

Bright stripped suits

Light blue, yellow, ivory suits don’t look so formal. You can use contrasting colors to add rich visual sense, such as coffee and indigo red.

Do you have any other ways? Share with us!