Most Hallux Valgus Are Caused By High Heels

In hot summer, Short skirt and pointed toe high heel shoes has become a symbol of fashion women. To show their femininity and glamour, some females choose very high heels shoes.But in the eyes of doctors, the high heels are stolenning their health.

hallux valgus

Adeline has wore high heels for about ten years. To increase height and show figure curve, she wears high heels to work and shop all the time. But several months ago, she found her feet very painful because of serious deformation feet thumb.

Doctors said pointed toe leather shoes force the front foot into a small triangle area. The front leather has poor elasticity that make foot thumb outward and little toe  roll inward.High heels increase foot pressure. If  joint ligament overextend for a long time, valgus foot thumb soft tissue ligament appear, finally cause bone permanent hallux valgus deformity.As result, it will be very painful while walking.

Foot is very important. High heels over 7cm are very harmful to foot. If you mustn’t have to wear high heels for some certain occasions, try to wear some other comfortable shoes.

Are High Heels The Only Style For Formal Occasions

You must have believed “Heelgate”about the 68th Cannes Film Festival. It is said that women with flat shoes were turned away to let in. Response from director of the festival said : the request for red carpet didn’t change. It is required to be formal, but not mean only high heels for women. It is a rumor.

Emily Blunt was among the stars that criticised Cannes' heels policy

Anyway, it caused controversy about women’s high heels again. Are high heels the only style for formal occasions?Of course, not. High heels can make wearers’ leg look longer and regarded as sexy. Meanwhile, women also need to suffer much pain and danger from high heels. Achilles tendinitis may happen if high heels are wore for a long time. At the same time, the risk for spraining  ankle increased. Foot medical experts said that there is no healthy  high heels  in the world. Wear less as possible. Try to choose high heels under 3 inch.

If you still want to wear some shoes that can increase height without pain, then women’s height increasing shoes can be considered.

Street Style For Short Height Girls

Daniela Ramirez is fashion bloggers from Florida。Shes is not tall, but she knows well how to highlight good figure proportion through clothing collocation. Most of her street photos are in leisure style which can be learned by females especially for those who are not satisfied with height.

1.Street Casual Style

Ripped jeans


locomotive black leather pants and classic stripes shirt

What’s necessary for street style?Ripped jeans, locomotive black leather pants and classic stripes shirt. Short coat with high-waist pants or put long jackets into pants can make legs look longer.

2.Fresh Lady Style

rural printing dresses Fresh Lady Style

Fresh colors such as mint green,rural printing are necessary for fresh lady style. Skirt suit is also a right choice.

3.Elegant Office Lady Style

Agile long dust coat, Wide-brimmed hat with black high heels

Black and white print dress with a bright color bag


printed pants with short white suit

Simple and agile style are the basic simple for work. It can be dressed as : Agile long dust coat, Wide-brimmed hat with black high heels; Black and white print dress with a bright color bag;printed pants with short white suit.

4.Leisure Holiday Style

Leisure Holiday Style

Go to beach on holiday or  participate in the music festival,you can choose comfortable easy printing long skirt to match with Roman sandals.


Tips For Maintaining Genuine Leather Products

There are some tips for maintaining genuine leather products such as genuine leather shoes or bags.

1.If the leather is wetted or dirty , you should use clean soft towel to clean and dry it naturally in dry shade promptly and then polish it with leather brightener.

2.Leather has strong absorption, pay attention to prevent pollution.If there are stains on the leather products, wipe with a clean damp cloth dipped in warm detergent , and then let it dry naturally.

3.When leather wrinkles,iron it. But control temperature between 60-70 ℃.Use a thin cotton as lining iron cloth, while constantly moving the iron.

4.When leather products lose  luster,use high-gloss polishes. It can keep the leather soft and shiny to be durable.

5.If there is drink on the leather products, suck dry with  clean cloth or sponge immediately. Wipe with wet cloth, and let it dry naturally,

6.If stained with oil, wipe with  dry cloth , and the remaining by the natural dissipation.

6.If leather product torn or damaged, repair it by professional workers. If just small cracks, paint some egg white.

7.Don’t exposure leather products into sun.Otherwise,  it will cause leather deformation, cracking and fading.

8.Leather products should always be wiped with preservative solution.But it should be different from different kinds of leather.


Frequent Questions Before Buying Chamaripa Shoes

Our consumer service Sophia has listed some frequent questions that consumers may ask before making order online.

Q:Do you ship to Canada?

A:Yes, all of Chamaripa Shoes are shipping to worldwide.

Q:Do I need to cost shipping fee?

A:All packages are free shipping via fast DHL/FEDEX, if is not the remote area, so could you tell us your address first, then we can check it.

Q:When will you ship out the shoes after I pay money?

A:If the shoes you buy are in stock,we will ship out in 2 days; If the shoes are out of stock, it need about 4 days for making shoes. It will cost 3-7 days that Dhl send the shoes to your door.

Q:The size chart is different from other website, how should I choose the right size、

A:You can tell us the length of your feet and your usual size, then we can help you choose the right size.

Q:Can I buy it from my local place?

A:We are sorry that we haven’t any store on your country, but you can buy the shoes on our website, it is easier. You can pay your order by credit card or paypal.

Q:What’s your return policy?

A:Our return policy is:If there any qualtiy problem on our shoes, you can get a full refund. If the size can’t fit your feet, you can exchange the shoes.

By the way, we are recruiting agents worldwide. If you are interested in this business, welcome to consult our detail agent policy!



What Companies Make Height Elevator Shoes For Sale

We can search many stores that sell elevator shoes on google. But most of their products are made by some normal shoes factory. There is one company which has its own professional factory devoting on making elevator shoes since 1990. Through more than 24 years efforts and improvement, it can provide the most comfortable height elevator shoes at factory price.

Chamaripa special shoes lifts

Elevator shoes have the same appearance as normal shoes. But it can help wearers look taller 2-5 inch because of its height insoles. Some stores sell shoes lifts, so you can put it inside your normal shoes. It really can be cheap and convenient. However, it is not comfortable and healthy for feet. Chamaripa shoes lifts are made from finest polyether material to make shoes comfortable as flat shoes and lightweight. Different style even different size has its own special lift to be 100% consistent with foot shape.

There are more than 200 styles including dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, loafers and brogues can be selected. Each pair of Chamaripa shoes is made of full grain genuine leather. All packages are shipping via fast DHL or FEDEX. Our consumer service will try her best to make consumers satisfied.

If you are worried about buying products online, you can order Chamaripa Shoes from different platform: official online shop, Ebay and Aliexpress.




Wear Sunglasses According To Feature

Sunglasses are important accessory in summer. Do you know how to let sunglasses flatter your feature and quantity?

First, you should know which kind of feature you belong to.

From up to down is: oval face,round face,square face,long face,heart-shaped face
From up to down is: oval face,round face,square face,long face,heart-shaped face

Oval face :Almost any kind of sunglasses can fit it, apart from super size style. Round face:Avoid round style Aviator sunglasses. Instead, choose sunglasses with angular design, such as Wayfarer sunglasses. Square face:Choose sunglasses with soft lines, such as Aviator sunglasses; Long face:Choose the sunglasses that can cover your face as more as it can. Heart-shaped face:Avoid wearing sunglasses with cocking sides frame. Heart-shaped face appropriate to wear light and polygon sunglasses. It is better that frame width is not more than the temples. Classic style sunglasses: aviator sunglasses were fancy because of Tom Cruise and Top Gun   aviator sunglasses Aviator sunglasses: It was fancy because of Tom Cruise and Top Gun. It fit for val face and round face. Audrey Hepburn wore Wayfarers sunglasses at Breakfast at Tiffany's   Wayfarers sunglasses Wayfarers sunglasses: It is not just for men. Audrey Hepburn wore it in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.It fits for oval face,round face and long face.

David Beckham wears Clubmasters

Clubmasters sunglasses:It fits for oval face,round face,square face and heart-shaped face.A well known celebrity with a heart shaped face is Victoria Beckham.

Johnny Depp likes wearing Round Frames sunglasses

Round Frames sunglasses:It is well-known that Johnny Deep likes this style sunglasses very much.It fits for oval face,square face and heart-shaped face.

2.06 Meter Woman Wears Cheongsam In Fashion Show

The cheongsam  is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women, also known in Mandarin Chinese as qipao. It is best known for its slender design. But yesterday,  a Chinese retired professional women’s basketball player called Zheng Haixia appeard in one Chinese fashion show with cheongsam. To match with cheongsame, Zheng Haixia wore two strings of  white pearls, jade earrings, hand ring and  red frame glasses.

2.06 Meter women's basketball player Wears Cheongsam In Fashion Show

Although her height is very outstanding among other models, but it seems that Cheongsam also fit for her. For short people especially short men, they always be worried about their height. So women likes wearing high heel shoes even it will bring much pain for feet. Men will put height insoles inside the shoes or wear special shoes to make taller. But for tall people, they also have their trouble. They have difficulty in choosing the suitable clothes, shoes, beds and chairs. Many of their used things need to be customized.

So be brave to accept what the real us. You may also be admired by others.

Gommino, Doug Shoes,Driving Shoes: Casual Shoes To Make You Taller

The idea of “Doug shoes” comes from its 133  rubber granules under outsole. After sole leather was cut, shoesmaker will make holes by hand on the sole, and then nail rubber beans  into the holes. The size and position of rubber granules are designed to fit structure of human’s foot bone.These shoes are described “walking on the waterbed, no pressure on feet”. So Doug shoes can ensure comfort and security for driving.

Simple yet fashionable doug shoes are favored by most celebrities. As for wearers have other requests other than comfort, such as height, so the driving shoes that can make men look taller were created by Chamaripa.

super comfortable driving taller shoes

Since driving shoes are featured by comfort and lightweight, height increasing driving shoes still keep such good quantity. Shoes are made from High silky gloss suede leather and natural rubber soles.

Chamaripa casual height shoes

The shoes can increase wearers 5.5cm/2.17inch height. It is a very moderate height that just like wearing flat shoes. Four colors are available: gray, black, claret and camel.

Where can you find such comfortable and stylish elevator driving shoes? Search model:o32h08 at chamaripashoes store.