We can judge a people’s personality simply by his shoes

Researchers at the University of Kansas said that people can accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personality simply by his shoes. Shoes can convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers. People tend to pay attention to their shoes.
faceThe number of detailed personality traits detected in the study include a person’s general age, their gender, income, political affiliation, and other personality traits, including other emotional stability.
The judgments were based on the style, cost, color and condition of someone’s shoes. In the study, 63 University of Kansas students looked at pictures showing 208 different pairs of shoes worn by the study’s participants. Volunteers in the study were photographed in their most commonly worn shoes, and then filled out a personality questionnaire.
fashionSo,how about your shoes?

Some of the results were expected: People with higher incomes usually wore expensive shoes, and the flashier footwear was typically worn by extroverts. However, some of the more specific results are intriguing. For example, “practical and functional” shoes were generally worn by more “agreeable” people, while ankle boots were more closely aligned with “aggressive” personalities.
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The strangest of all may be that those who wore “uncomfortable looking” shoes tend to have “calm” personalities. And if you have several pairs of new shoes or take exceptional care of them, you may suffer from “attachment anxiety,” spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about what other people think of your appearance.
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There was even a political calculation in the mix with more liberal types wearing “shabbier and less expensive” shoes.

The researchers noted that some people will choose shoe styles to mask their actual personality traits, but researchers noted that volunteers were also likely to be unaware that their footwear choices were revealing deep insights into their personalities.

Five popular elements of 2015 London Fashion Week

London fashion week opens, launching a month of runway shows that will continue in New York, Milan and Paris. The spring and summer series uses the artificial fur, which is definitely a new idea of this London fashion week. I summarize five popular elements of 2015 London Fashion Week.
1、Artificial fur accessories
Alexa Chung holding a Shrimps fur bag. The spring and summer series uses the artificial fur which is definitely a new idea of this London Fashion Week. Next year in the summer, you’ll see a girl wearing a silk shirt and carrying a fur bag, wore a fur scarf, stepping on a pair of sandals furry coming to you in the street.
Alexa Chung
2、Flat shoes
The white flat shoes of J. JS Lee attracts tremendous attention. High heels have become a past scenery. The white pointed Loafer shoes of the high street brand J. JS Lee go on the feet with the confident pace will lead the fashion trend of next spring and summer.
flat shoes
3、Ruffles and pleats
Bora Aksu new series finds inspiration from the “Paper Dolls” dress of Queen Elizabeth. The new series of the brand Bora Aksu adds translucent frills on large-sized striped shirt and suit, matching with With floral print, which is very attractive.
Ruffles and pleats
4、Pink hair
The famous fashion blogger Amy Valentine attends the fashion week with pink hair:
Pink hair is the charming statement of rebellious girls. As we all kown that Briton is famous for its street style and rebellious girls, it should come as no surprise that some people are crazy about the pink hair.
pank hair
5、Bucket bag
Louis Vuitton bucket bag. Almost every front stars of this London Fashion Week gets a bucket bag. The editor of the magazine Vogue Sarah Harris also roamed the runways with a bucket bag.
Bucket bag

Details about chamaripa height increasing shoes .

chamaripa height increasing shoes1This is a best-selling shoes on our website, many customers ask me about the details of these shoes. Are you curious about the details of  the shoes?
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There are five layer inside the shoes:
The first layer: top layer cow leather.After a rigorous process and quality control, its quality is impeccable. Highlight the noble qualities of men.
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The second layer:POLIYOU insole. it is full-cushion increasing layer that designed to be completely consistent with feet skeleton.
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The third layer:best quality increasing layer. This layer is what makes Chamaripa shoes outstanding in this industry. It can be very comfortable and secure. Each shoe has  a corresponding increasing layer. So the increasing layer are different from sizes. All increasing layer won’t be exceed or less than 5 degrees. It won’t be be out of shape even be wore for a long time.
The fourth layer: buffer layer. It absorbs the pressure from the third layer. Pigskin has good permeability so that it can be very comfortable.
chamaripa height increasing shoes3The fifth layer: high quality rubber outsole. It will make your shoes more lighter, more resistant.

Which Shoes Look Good For Short Men?

As a short men,you must be very dispirited,may be you have try a few way to get taller,such as do more exercise.or take GAO-MAX,  or make the bone stretching operation,no matter how you hard,but the effect is very weak,you want to give up,but not reconciled at all. you may also ask for your parents why you are so short than others,but you have nothing to do for your height .we know,as a short men is very painfully and serious influence your life.

tall and short2But now,don’t agony,don’t confused,elevator shoes can help you,elevator shoes look good for short man,because wearing elevator shoes,you can look taller 2-5 inch instantly and invisibly.if your height is 160cm,you can wearing a 5.12 inch shoes,then you look 173cm taller,that is magical,only one pair shoes can take the big change for your life,offer you more confidence.
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So Elevator shoes look good for short man. you don’t need to pay more energy to increase height,with height increasing shoes,look taller is so easy,now are you are not a short man.
different kind of shoes
If you want to look taller,don’t hesitate to take one pair of elevator shoes,it is the best choose for short man.

The Best Way To Increase Height

Nowadays, with the development of society,human beings are leading a better life,they could achieve great material and spirit fortunes. However, even the science develope soon,there is no secure surgery  or pills approved by scientist to increase the height.
Great men
In any society,people tend to take it for granted that the taller men is more reliable, more clever and give more secure to their accompany. They could easily get the trust of strangers or better job  opportunity and love of opposite sex in the similar condition.

The men with short height may feel under pressure if they pursuit a good girl. And they may feel treat unfairly.
Under all these pressures, they have strong desire and necessity to increase their height. However,as  the regular, there is little chance for human being to grow taller after 25th year old. Sports and  physical surgery,or madical pills has been proved not to be a good way.
Elevator shoes, an easy and secure way to increase the height instantly and easily. Just about $100  and you could realize the tall dream.No hard-working sports,no painful and expensive physical  surgery,  no riskful and side-effect pills.
Elevator shoes, by adopting the increase layer and other layers,the height increases visibly and stantly.A pair of elevator shoes, a good way for you to elevate your lift goal and achieve your dream.

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Why more people tend to choose the elevator shoes now?

Nowadays, more and more people tend to possess at least a pair of elevator shoes.
In modern society, a taller height could give more confidence and also could means more opportunity  in date, marriage and jobs. However, men do not grow taller after 25 years old even pillows or surgery won’t help.
But we could increase our height instantly and easily by putting on a pair of elevator shoes.Elevator shoes appears no difference as the normal shoes,but it increase one’s height like the high heels shoes without loosing comfort.
Elvator shoes adopt the top material and good design.It usually has five layers.The elevator function is accredit to the third layer: increasing layer.Also, to make sure the shoes is comfortable, we add the the second layer poly insole and the forth layer the buffer layer.Also, the first layer is made of top  leather and the fifth layer is made of top quality rubber insole.
The elevator shoes could increase one’s height instantly and invisibly, and it looks like normal shoes and is without loosing comfort.So more and more people tend to be in fovor of this kind of shoes.

Summer is coming,a pair of outdoor sandals is necessary

The shoes are designed and manufactured by the chamaripa. Each pair of shoes will pass more than 32 procedures before selling.The quility of shoes are very assured. Increase Men’s height 2.1-5.2 inches ( 5~13cm ) instantly. You can not wait to see what does these shoes look like,right? peasshoes
Maybe you are more concerned about the material we use. The uppers material are made of calfskin, it is soft and looks very upscale. Lining material is made of pigskin leather, it has good air permeability and very comfortable to wear. Insole Material is made of PU, to ensure that the shoes will not be too heavy. We offer three colors are white, black and brown.It is suitable for different occasions, including leisure, outdoor, office and occupation.
Chamaripa provides you wide range of high quality height increasing shoes with factory price and free fast shipping worldwide. If you want to know more chamaripa shoes, please login our official website www.chamaripashoes.com.

We should pay attention to some details during running.

I have a friend from the 90 kg weight reduced to 75 kg, and now she is not only healthy, but also she looks particularly spiritual.She said,”Running let me know that i still alive and healthy,so that I can have a long distance run down. “Running can make you really feel the body of every lazy, comfortable cells gradually be awakened. They began streaming delivery of energy to the muscles, the body alive, the mind naturally younger. Then how to make themselves more healthy running it?running1
First, the choice of location is very important. I recommended to choose outdoor running. You can absorb fresh air, through the crowd, buildings and gardens. Your immediate landscape is changing, and more interesting.
Then, running the same time should be fine. Morning run, let your body facing the warm sun slowly jogging in the morning, we can help you boost your metabolism and make you the spirit of times. Night run, having the effect of weight loss, while running can help the brain blood and oxygen supply 25% increase. Sleep quality will increase in this night.
Finally, running in respiratory problems is very important.Nose, mouth while breathing rhythmically, but do not have too wide mouth.Put your tongue rolled up to extend air time in the mouth, reducing cold air to stimulate the respiratory tract.Note that exhale the gas from the lungs as much as possible every breath to increase the effective ventilation.Running speed of course vary, beginning runners can increase or decrease the amount of exercise according to their physical condition, amount, not to indulge in the pursuit of speed. A gradual increase in the speed and the number of kilometers, allowing the body to gradually adapt to the process in motion. When you are feeling tired and do not immediately stop, but with brisk walking instead of running.
This is some of my experience, and I hope you run a little help.

How to reduce the feet’s damage by high heels

For women,Wearing high heels is an important part of daily life, if wearing inappropriate will easily lead to foot pain problem. Mild problems are such as corns, plantar calluses, there will be serious mallet toes or other toe pain. So the pain is still a soft spot on the heels of many women. Then we need to have some way to reduce these injury, here are five alleviate tips to reduce these pain of by the high heels.
1. Find a pair of suitable shoes as possible as you can. Pain caused by wearing high heels because of excessive sliding forward. The inside of the shoe should be reserved enough space, high heels can cause inappropriate front paws to move forward. Increasing the pressure on the foot, resulting in pain, but to wear high-heeled shoes for their feet type can help relieve the pain.
2. Place the shoe insole in the bottom surface can help pain relief. If you wear high heels for standing at a long time, you’ll feel a toe bone pain, you should put the insoles below metatarsal. This insole main role is to provide a good buffer,mitigate the impact of the soles of the feet.
3. Choose thick heel for better counterweight. Heavy-bottomed elevator shoes disperse the weight pressure on the foot, so the pressure is more balanced. It can help relieve the pain achilles tendon problems.
4. Focus on high-heeled shoes slope or tilt angle. The inclination of the arc to make you feel comfortable.
5. Wear open-toed high heels can reduce corns and calluses stressors. But if you have corns and calluses,then you need to see a doctor. Please choose open-toed high heels can make inflammation area better ventilation, reduce stress.
What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other better tips? Let us discuss together!