CHAMARIPA black elevator shoes tall shoes for men heel lifts for shoes is so fashion now.

As you may know black tall shoes for men is a classic color, the trend is most difficult to be denied. So most fashionable men believe black elevator shoes are the most easy to match clothes, in fact, this is a mix of misunderstanding. After years of stormy fashion, design a myriad of elements of the heel lifts for shoes trend in these popular elements, the shoe must follow the principle of choice and lower body wear with, so that it will not take the wrong footwear flaw. Now share with you the elevator shoes with Basic Skills:


With similar colors to match the taller shoes. The color or bright color clothing to determine the shoe color, light or intermediate black color elevator shoes and appropriate clothing with brighter, bright, neutral color tall shoes for men with neutral colors. Intermediate or darker color shoes can be used with darker clothes.

The heel lifts for shoes color as a basic classification, according to the occasion and color into two categories. If you have two pairs of high-heeled shoes and two pairs of elevator flat shoes, both of which are applicable to you regularly attend the occasion, and all the color you like, so long as there is basically these elevator shoes can be fixed up. Tall shoes for men do not need too much, each two pairs of flat shoes to high heels can. This applies to two types of shoes women often attend various occasions, including in color to bright, dark two colors into account their favorite color.


Broken heel to be repaired anyway with, never wear elevator shoes with shoes has been damaged, or dirty shoes dirty shoes make women lost elegance.

Now fashion, various colorful elevator shoes greet us in the eye. Want to find the most fashionable women’s shoes, or go to the store to join the high-end brand shoes selected.

Chamaripa elevator shoes to increase height and 2016 new style of height increasing shoes to match,All fashion online

Casual trend with men elevator shoes, men closer to God temperament! Maybe you are a low-key man, but the man of God cultivate the temperament, whether in the workplace or in life, can more easily deal with various situations, choose one pair of excellent quality elevator casual men’s shoes, life to enhance their taste, texture men do, indispensable.
Casual men gentle, gray lace design advanced, adding gentleman style, trousers with a shirt, Polo shirt denim pants are a good choice.

Casual trend with men, men closer to God temperament! Maybe you are a low-key man, but the man of God cultivate the temperament, whether in the workplace or in life, can more easily deal with various situations, choose one pair of excellent quality casual men’s  height increasing shoes, life to enhance their taste, texture men do, indispensable.

Red motion design reflects a sense of vitality, with a track suit or jeans and t-shirt, running shoes pure victory, more gentle and polite.


Gradient green casual shoes, suede leather fabric soft texture, no lace metal-free taller shoes accessories, simple and easy to match clothes, highlighting the fresh and energetic.

Dark blue mixed colors orange elevator running shoes, leather velvet fabric, followed by adding thick pad with care ankle, round design to enhance comfort, very good.

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How to shop Chamaripa invisible high heel shoes for men, you need to know it.

Want to buy a pair of invisible high heel shoes for men does not know how to choose, should pay attention to what the problem? If you want to buy a pair of elevator men’s shoes, how to choose a business?

X92H38 (1)

In general, buy one pair of men’s shoes and women’s shoes purchased are different, men mainly focus on the most basic quality, while the women will also take into account the style, color and heel height. So relatively speaking, better selection of men’s shoes. However, we must pay attention to shoes and activities, occupational characteristics and other issues.
Buy men’s shoes, not only pay attention to the shoes style, size and color, but also pay attention to is not close to their career, preferences and style, in order to avoid buying the wrong shoes, spent odds.
Style: Men’s shoes, ladies shoes, although not as many styles, but with the development of society, business shoes, casual shoes, shoes and other fashion styles emerging, therefore, in the selection should be based on their career, style, likes to do, so as not to buy also new shoes to wear old shoes, it will be shelved.
Size: heel and heel not too tight or loose to coincide, before leaving 5-10mm pointed tip shoes section can be left 20-25mm; shoe flank and arch anastomosis, waist must help hold the foot; the center of gravity of the shoe should be consistent with foot the center of gravity, foot pressure substantially uniform; if tried on the size of the shoes are not appropriate, you should choose a large shoe size.
Color: if my character more calm, optional black, blue, khaki and other styles of shoes, if more fashionable person, optional color is bright and edgy colors. In summer choose light-colored shoes, dark winter election campaign.
How to choose men’s shoes business?


High society to observe a man’s taste from elevator high heels shoes, this view is now more popular in ordinary working population. How to select a pair of men’s shoes to wear to work for it?
First, select the general business shoes black and brown colors, casual shoes that do not like what color are, so that seems very serious, not officially. Out of a need to wear a suit for formal occasions men, should have at least more than two pairs of black dress shoes, one of which is lace, such as the “three joint” or “joint two” men, another may be a strapless shoe. Shoe lace strapless more serious than some of this can be depending on you to attend the occasion. Black shoes and a dark color to any suit all complement each other, so in many cases you deal with it smoothly. In addition, there should be a pair of brown dress shoes, it is not only compatible with a light colored suit, and there is also active with casual clothing.

Secondly, suitable for work wear business men high heel shoes must be selected for their foot type, wear comfortable shoes itself which requires the use of materials, workmanship excellent quality.

In addition, the purchase of the business for shoes or dress shoes, but also to carry out proper maintenance to extend the life of shoes to wear.

Finally, if the old business shoes, you should immediately get a new, not worn out before the update. Better reflect the details of the pursuit of quality of life of men and taste.

As the saying goes: that’s good to do good, more is better understanding of the practice in person. So if you want to buy a pair of shoes roses, you may wish to walk around the mall and pick out a good bar!

Tom Cruise reject to try Wooden clog is that he wearing elevator shoes?

Recently, the Hollywood actor Tom cruise is busy to propaganda his new film “mission impossible: the country is out of control” , then he go to Japan to play this film and appeared more local live TV in the morning, while the program is ready for the Japanese clogs to Tom, just male host ying to warm atmosphere, hope Tom put on the spot, but his translation, politely refused for him to take off the shoes, is because he is wearing elevator shoes, if wear clogs, he should take off his shoes,then he will afraid that his secret will be discovered.

Tom cruise in Japan

Tom cruise’s height is a secret in the world, he said, 170 cm, but rumours he had no previous so high, and Tom very care about his height, so the rumours that he had a habit of wearing elevator shoes.He recently unveiled the Japanese morning show, male host ying and clogs express welcome to Japan, but when he asked about whether Tom can put on the spot, translating from one side to refuse.


After this kind of interaction exposure,his fan think that his is wearing elevator shoes because Tom is likely to wear taller shoes at that time,so it’s not convenient to take off his shoes.As to how much Tom care about height?Early in his marriage with nicole mandy, nicole base mandy to he rarely wear high heels, when after there divorce, nicole base mandy’s speech is “Now I can wear high heels!” lo0k at this,you will know how care about his height. so elevator shoes is his usual shoes.

Johnny Depp:5′ 10″ And He Needs Tall Shoes

When related Johnny Depp, what is his impression on you? I think most of us would pay attention to his obstinate and unruly image. As for his dressing style, there are 8 characters:

Johnny Depp

1.He likes wearing hats,especially Cloth panama hat. In fact, cap can make men elevate height;

2.He likes wearing slimming brown T-shirt and  scarf;

3. Round sunglasses;

4.Brown leather bracelet on his right wrist while beaded bracelet on his left wrist;

5.He prefers wild necklace, such as long Silver chain and tiger Chi;

6.Skull ring

7.Blue jeans;

8.Black boots.

When he dressed as rock man, we really won’t care about his height. He is always so charming that we only be attracted by him. But when he wears suits and stand with his partner or his wife  Amber Heard(5′ 8″), height difference appears.

Left is Johnny depp with  Armie Hammer; Right is Johnny deep with Amber heard
Left is Johnny depp with Armie Hammer; Right is Johnny deep with Amber heard

Who cares his height and do you think he wear height shoes or put height insoles inside his shoes? Once, in a interview of a magazine, the host asked whether he has considered designing some fashion products as some other celebrities. He said if he planned to design some products, he may design retro style caps for party or women’s high heel shoes decorated with sequins.



7′ 9″ Sun Mingming took photo with 5′ 10″ Mike Tyson

Sun Mingming is a Chinese basketball player, who stands 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m).After retired, he  makes occasional appearances as an actor. On May , Beijing time, he appeared with American retired professional boxer Mike Tyson in the press conference of movie “Ip Man”.

Sun Mingming took photo with Mike Tyson

Tall men always be the focus on crowd, and they often asked to be group photoed. Among many group photos with movie actors, his group photo with boxer Mike Tyson got much attention. As Tyson was disqualified for biting Holyfield’s ear at 1997. Some netizens rake up the past. They ridicule said Sun Mingming should protect his ear when match with Tyson in the boxing match. Some other said Sun Mingming are enough to protect his ear for he has tall height and long hands.

If you want to know which NBA basketball players have taken roles in movie, read this article:

Eddie Redmayne with “the theory of everything”

There is a difference between actors and their roles that play in the movie or TV. Before, we often talk about the male short actors in real life who plays the strapping and superman images in the movie, such as  Robert Downey Jr (iron man), Tobey Maguire(spider man) and Jack Nicholson(Batman). But this time 5′ 11″ Eddie Redmayne plays 5′ 7″ Stephen Hawking in the film “the theory of everything”. It makes our eyes.

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in the theory of everythingHonestly, I know little about the real Hawking. His impression on me is one great scientist who found black holes and wrote “the brief theory of time”. His image in our eyes is one poor small man siting on wheel chair, beating words on a computer and voiced like a robot. The movie shows us a different Stephen from his school time in Cambridge. He was just as healthy and youthful as any other phd students in university at that time. Even Eddie Redmayne said in the visit that he didn’t ever know young Stephen is healthy and strong. He also ride bike and  rowing boat.

Eddie Redmayne with Stephen Hawking

Happy time is short, painful time comply along with him for his rest time. Gradually, he couldn’t walk by feet, pick up spoon, stuck in the stairs and even speak. All is unnormal. Through such hard times, he still get such big research. Of course, Film is  artistic and it is actually an unconventional love story more than Physics and science. What I want to say is that Eddie Redmayne really made much effort on playing a vivid Stephen. It is not easy for a strong, tall and healthy actor to do as a  crooked, difficult in daily life scientist.  Eddie Redmayne deserved to win the award of best actor in Oscar.

Is height part of the reason for the fragility of marriage

Does height matters in the choice of partner among famous celebrities? It is often be discussed and we can get completely different answers according to different examples. If we say the answer is no, we can list some Famous Hollywood short men in a happy family, such as Michael J. Fox and Peter Dinklage . If you say height really get in the way for love, We can also list some couples, and Tom cruise seems to be the best proof.

tall women  divorced with short men

Among Tom cruise’s three wives, all of them are taller than him. Surprisingly, all three divorced with Tom cruise in their 34-years-old.  No one can explain such coincidence. To explain their divorce, height, of course not the main reason. Love is an amazing thing, when the two fall in love, there is no shortcoming in eyes. However, when love disappears, any question can make unhappy. It is obvious between Tom cruise and Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes rewears high heel shoes after divorced with Tom cruiseOn social events, to match with height, Tom cruise wears height increasing shoes, and Katie Holmes was forced to wear flat shoes or sandals to low height. But after they sign the divorce agreement, Katie spend a huge money on buying beautiful high heel shoes. Shopping is a good way to release sadness.

What’s your opinion on this question?




scandals about Nicolas Sarkozy’s height

Among the wearers of height increasing shoes, there is no lack of famous stars  and politicians. As for politicians, we have to talk about Nicolas Sarkozy, 23rd President of France. Sarkozy cares much about his height and as if medias also enjoy to report scandals about Nicolas Sarkozy’s height to have fun. Today, we will list some typical scandals that medias have reported.

Sarkozy And Carla Bruni

Spouse as tall women and short men can be a bit embarrassment. There is no exception between 5′ 5″ Nicolas Sarkozy and his third wife 5′ 9″ Carla Bruni. Carla Bruni can fall in love and married with Sarkozy because his wisdom, humor and agility regardless of his height. But it doesn’t mean the media and others won’t make joke of their height. Although Bruni chooses to wear flat shoes when standing with Sarkozy, it still couldn’t cover up their height difference. Mini Citroen cars even made its advertisement directly as “pick up a small French car as Ms Bruni”.

Sarkozy first bend over to shake hands to cover up his height shortage

Apart from Sarkozy’s wife have to wear flat shoes instead of high heel shoes to match him, he also has a strict standard on picking up bodyguards. His bodyguards are carefully selected that taller men are not in consideration to maintain his image. When he gave speech in front of public or even visit the company, people around him are picked up by his assistant to guarantee their height won’t be taller than Sarkozy.

How Sarkozy Stood Up To Obama

Any tips to increase height or avoid height embarrassment, Sarkozy would adapt them. He wear taller shoes all the time, and stand on the bench to make speech. On the meeting with female visitors, he will first bend over to shake hands to cover up his height shortage.


Peter Dinklage:4′ 5″

While referring to short but attractive Hollywood male actors, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are the the outstanding representative. In fact, their height is just lower than average height and with elevating shoes or insoles to make up it. There is one male actor, no matter what efforts he did, he would be forever “looked down ” from vision for suffering achondroplasia. He is called Peter Dinklage.

God closes one door while opening another window for you. Peter Dinklage has excellent talent on acting and drama. Besides, he is very optimistic and humor. In our opinion, short actors are tend to act in comedy, making fun to audience by their short height. Peter Dinklage was more famous for the drama “Game of Thrones”, in which played a royal member called Tyrion Lannister, making up the defect of height by wisdom.

His female partner in the drama,  Lena Headey described him as that “before you meet him, you will think the he is so short; however, after you know him, you will find he is so charming. He can played well of the role for Tyrion Lannister “. As a result, he was also won both Emmy and Golden Globe Awards through this role.

Peter Dinklage and erica schmidt

Of course, he will never be taller than any normal woman, but he is still admired by many women. In 20015, he married with  Erica Schmidt. With his own talents and efforts, Peter Dinklage proves that although god doesn’t give you a perfect appearance, you can still get the equal happiness as normal people and even happier.