CHAMARIPA black elevator shoes tall shoes for men heel lifts for shoes is so fashion now.

As you may know black tall shoes for men is a classic color, the trend is most difficult to be denied. So most fashionable men believe black elevator shoes are the most easy to match clothes, in fact, this is a mix of misunderstanding. After years of stormy fashion, design a myriad of elements of the heel lifts for shoes trend in these popular elements, the shoe must follow the principle of choice and lower body wear with, so that it will not take the wrong footwear flaw. Now share with you the elevator shoes with Basic Skills:


With similar colors to match the taller shoes. The color or bright color clothing to determine the shoe color, light or intermediate black color elevator shoes and appropriate clothing with brighter, bright, neutral color tall shoes for men with neutral colors. Intermediate or darker color shoes can be used with darker clothes.

The heel lifts for shoes color as a basic classification, according to the occasion and color into two categories. If you have two pairs of high-heeled shoes and two pairs of elevator flat shoes, both of which are applicable to you regularly attend the occasion, and all the color you like, so long as there is basically these elevator shoes can be fixed up. Tall shoes for men do not need too much, each two pairs of flat shoes to high heels can. This applies to two types of shoes women often attend various occasions, including in color to bright, dark two colors into account their favorite color.


Broken heel to be repaired anyway with, never wear elevator shoes with shoes has been damaged, or dirty shoes dirty shoes make women lost elegance.

Now fashion, various colorful elevator shoes greet us in the eye. Want to find the most fashionable women’s shoes, or go to the store to join the high-end brand shoes selected.

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Chamaripa men’s shoes that make you look taller uk six common sense


1, clean uppers

The first to do vamp elevator men shoes clean, polish shoes must be oiled every day, repeated smear. No matter what kind of name brand shoes, if it “disgraceful” for a long time, nature does not give a good impression.

2, the appropriate size

Shoes worn on formal occasions, its size must be just right. If small, and it will definitely flip, grind bubble; if large, then inevitably not chamaripa elevator shoes, walking Tititata, very unnatural.

3, the shoes tasteless

If possible, shoes should be frequently changes, dry ground, lest its taste too strong person smoked


4, affordable insole

When using the insoles, be sure to make it fit the size of the shoes. Do not make yourself walk frequently on the occasion of the “escape” away.

5, dark shoes + white height increasing leather shoes worn socks, preferably cotton, wool products. Some good quality cotton, wool blend socks as a main component can also be selected. However, it is best not to choose nylon stockings, stockings. And a suit, dress shoes with matching socks to deep Color, monochrome is appropriate, the best black. And suits, leather shoes, white socks color contrast is contraindicated. In addition, the color is too garish color socks, stockings flowers or other light-colored socks, light, shiny socks when wearing shoes more suitable for wearing.

6, the sole no mud

Daily cleaning shoes, do not forget to clean the soles. Rain, snow when visiting others, but also to look again at the front door to check whether the sole “dragging its feet” and take appropriate measures promptly removed it was erased.

elevator casual canvas men’s sneaker shoes ultralight hight increase shoes in France

Black jeans with what shoes, black gives a solemn feeling, and jeans have just broken the solemn black. To fashion with how it would look nice.


A: black denim pencil pants with high-top black elevator casual canvas shoes.

Black jeans tell from the color, you can make people feel more slender legs. Two black cowboy Slim pencil pants more design, more big highlights this effect. High-top canvas shoes make your feet and lower legs by a good part of the transition curve, the same color, so that the foot and leg to maintain a perfect overall result. If you are not tall, you can also choose a black canvas shoes within the higher, or one pair of inner pad insoles, stretched tall, while your legs look more slender.
Two: black denim pencil pants with brown vintage models Martin boots
Martin boots, black jeans and a nice fusion style from the same casual street style, make you look more casual. Even slender legs make you look a little neutral United States, Distressed paragraph immediately pull back ruggedly masculine charm you. Select the pencil pants leg advantage still make high help Martin boots and part of the design perfect fit, wear was high and significant leg length. Jeans can choose the style with holes designed to projecting out your cowboy personality, so that the whole is more vintage denim.

Three: black with white denim straight jeans casual shoes
White and black straight jeans casual shoes, color contrast maximum. This allows people to visually easy to focus on the lighter white top. So you have a lot of light looks whole, more lively and full of affinity. Black jeans straight jeans feet just right, so you are less obtrusive white upper trip. Choose white shoes, if you like the minimalist design, back like retro shoes are a good choice. And if you think this is too monotonous mix of black and white, have a leisurely fashion pattern white background casual shoes can make you look cute.


Four: black jeans feet with black high-heeled ankle boots
The match would be entirely to women’s fashion and design. Black high heels and black pants with feet, not only can give the illusion of a slender legs from the color, and this was to keep up the illusion of high stretch further. Let you easily promoted eight body.if you want to shop height increasing shoes in france,you can choose chamaripa shoes,all shoes make you taller 2-5 inches, so well.

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April special offers for quality elevator shoes

For consumers who focus on our Chamaripa Shoes, you must have noticed that our online shop launch huge discount for more than 20 discount fantastic styles. This time, our coupon is different from before. Before, we may provide some special offers for some shoes that may be shortage of size or may not so beautiful in outlook. Among the discounted shoes, I will recommend you three pairs of them in particular.

brown genuine leather increase shoes

2.95 inch brown full grain genuine leather shoes fit for wedding, party or work very well. Graceful lines divide the shoe in three parts. When you wear this pair of dress elevated shoes, you can not only get 7.5 cm extra height, but also make you look royal.

black dress shoes to make men look taller

As for this style, most of our consumers tend to buy the brown one(X92h38). It makes the black one be ignored. In fact, although it is in classic black colors, the elongated shape can also make wearers elegant.

black increase height men shoes

Unlike the two former in round toe, this one is in square toe. Dress shoes with square toe may look a bit heavy. But with height insoles built inside the shoes, It became stable instead.

Let no short man in the world is our mission. Make consumers enjoy the biggest benefits, we are always try our best.


Discount news for high quality taller boots

A good news for our old and new consumers: these two pairs of ankle boots have been marked down on price.

1.MODEL: V1931

Reg: $186.00

Sale: $168.00


For consumers who have focused on our products, you should know that this pair of brown suede leather sold very well in our store. Thanks for your long time support, we surrender part of the profits to customers. The number “168” in Chinese words means “make a fortune””get richer”. It is the same as our aims to make you more confident in your career and earn more money.

2.MODEL: V1930-5

Reg: $196.00

Sale: $157.00


The original color of these height boots are brown. But one of a consumer want to have one in black. So we make the black soft leather boots for him. Now the sales for the black one already exceed than the brown one.

Both of the two pairs of ankle increasing boots are in limited quantity. If you are interested in them, hurry up!