Successful men how to choose best Chamaripa elevator dress shoes and get more deal about it.

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Before lecturing, first few notes:
Elevator Dress Shoe are pointed. Chamaripa only through a lot of dress shoes, he pointed out that the awkward, looking round wear. Can you find round dress shoes trouble meters today with your last name! In addition to the tip, and square head, please do not choose, ugly.

Do not try to find a pair to wear to work, usually can wear, but also so-called can dress up and dress down every day to wear elevator shoes to wear it bad. Are at least twenty years of age, do not know what you need at least two pairs of shoes? Indeed there can be interposed between the two, wait for the next trouble meters alone will tell you.
Election code this thing mainly depends on the brand, than you generally wear height increasing dress shoes code small one yard, wearing dress socks (designated priorities, do not wear socks) feel slightly tight, Bigfoot thumb from the top of the shoe tip empty a finger width distance. Why to choose slightly tight, because elevator dress shoes are all leather, usually two weeks after wearing complete break in. Why do you want to stay away from the front of the toes, because the toe is sharp, your feet are not sharp, and if Bigfoot thumb against the head, leaving a few toes are grinding cry.
To color belt and shoes color uniform. If a pair of black shoes with a brown leather belt, will the absurd. At the same time we also need cortex, can not be used to smooth skin with pebble grain leather (pebble leather).
Can black shoes with black suit with gray suit, brown with a dark blue suit with gray suit. Blue shoes, burgundy shoes left fashionable fine, they know how to wear.


Here began formal science! We start from the style.
1. Elevator Oxford shoes Oxford.
Oxford shoes are the most basic, a lot of people in life are the first pair of dress shoes from its beginning. Note that this is oxford, not the derby. In comparison, oxford more formal. Incidentally, note the following figure laces Department of Law, please do not cross the line into a sneaker style.

Oxford shoes style mainly depends on the toe, divided plain toe, cap toe with wingtip, is the drawing of the above three types, the following three there, but not much.

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CAMARIPA elevator shoes design process and how to choose fashion style

First, the design of elevator men’s dress shoes
Male dress shoes is a common footwear, suits and other formal clothing generally matched. Men’s dress shoes, also known as dress shoes, referring appearance dignified, generous, without too much decoration men’s shoes. The most typical traditional male dress shoes inner ear three-fitting shoes (oxford) and concha three-fitting shoes, mix with ear button shoes (also known as monk shoes Monk) also belong dress footwear. Now men dress shoes has not only limited to the above several styles, some of the modeling simple generosity prime-toed shoes, tongue-type shoes, shoes and before the opening ceremony, “buns” and so can be used as shoe dress shoes to wear.
With the development of the times and the yuppie generation, modeling personality appears quasi dress shoes, the shoes in the tradition of elevator dress shoes, based on the pursuit of a unique personality and taste in the shape of style. Usually last type of overly weird, sometimes followed by dress shoe shape popular, such as shovel-head, square head, ramp-head type, etc., but in the structure of the style, material selection matching, decorative accessories and other aspects of some unique personality the design of. Men wearing dress shoes on the one hand is the need for a specific occasion, to the suit, dress matched the other hand, men choose to wear dress shoes but also to show their accomplishments and status. Therefore, men’s dress shoes must be designed in a noble, elegant and generous style of the overall shape and products fully demonstrate the beauty of a sophisticated process that must have exquisite craftsmanship.


Male dress shoes design style is characterized by elements of subtle changes, to a lesser extent, focusing on harmonization of the various modeling elements between. High-end dress shoes design special attention to the selection of high-grade materials, including upper materials, sole material, fittings and various accessories. Also, dress shoes, fashion design by larger impact (primarily last type and use of material).

Traditional style three head height increasing dress shoes style basic style is fixed, stylized, generally do not be too big design changes, such as a fixed ratio between the length of the header length, the length of the help and shoes have, in help dragging the feet have a fixed location. Of course, each of the above fixed member shape, proportion, not absolute position can not be changed, a slight change in design is allowed, such as shoes (last type) slightly longer, thinner and the like. However, the traditional style is almost perfect, aesthetic has also been formed in it formatted, in order to meet the needs of some consumers, traditional style three head dress shoes in the design may be substantially unchanged.

How to shop Chamaripa invisible high heel shoes for men, you need to know it.

Want to buy a pair of invisible high heel shoes for men does not know how to choose, should pay attention to what the problem? If you want to buy a pair of elevator men’s shoes, how to choose a business?

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In general, buy one pair of men’s shoes and women’s shoes purchased are different, men mainly focus on the most basic quality, while the women will also take into account the style, color and heel height. So relatively speaking, better selection of men’s shoes. However, we must pay attention to shoes and activities, occupational characteristics and other issues.
Buy men’s shoes, not only pay attention to the shoes style, size and color, but also pay attention to is not close to their career, preferences and style, in order to avoid buying the wrong shoes, spent odds.
Style: Men’s shoes, ladies shoes, although not as many styles, but with the development of society, business shoes, casual shoes, shoes and other fashion styles emerging, therefore, in the selection should be based on their career, style, likes to do, so as not to buy also new shoes to wear old shoes, it will be shelved.
Size: heel and heel not too tight or loose to coincide, before leaving 5-10mm pointed tip shoes section can be left 20-25mm; shoe flank and arch anastomosis, waist must help hold the foot; the center of gravity of the shoe should be consistent with foot the center of gravity, foot pressure substantially uniform; if tried on the size of the shoes are not appropriate, you should choose a large shoe size.
Color: if my character more calm, optional black, blue, khaki and other styles of shoes, if more fashionable person, optional color is bright and edgy colors. In summer choose light-colored shoes, dark winter election campaign.
How to choose men’s shoes business?


High society to observe a man’s taste from elevator high heels shoes, this view is now more popular in ordinary working population. How to select a pair of men’s shoes to wear to work for it?
First, select the general business shoes black and brown colors, casual shoes that do not like what color are, so that seems very serious, not officially. Out of a need to wear a suit for formal occasions men, should have at least more than two pairs of black dress shoes, one of which is lace, such as the “three joint” or “joint two” men, another may be a strapless shoe. Shoe lace strapless more serious than some of this can be depending on you to attend the occasion. Black shoes and a dark color to any suit all complement each other, so in many cases you deal with it smoothly. In addition, there should be a pair of brown dress shoes, it is not only compatible with a light colored suit, and there is also active with casual clothing.

Secondly, suitable for work wear business men high heel shoes must be selected for their foot type, wear comfortable shoes itself which requires the use of materials, workmanship excellent quality.

In addition, the purchase of the business for shoes or dress shoes, but also to carry out proper maintenance to extend the life of shoes to wear.

Finally, if the old business shoes, you should immediately get a new, not worn out before the update. Better reflect the details of the pursuit of quality of life of men and taste.

As the saying goes: that’s good to do good, more is better understanding of the practice in person. So if you want to buy a pair of shoes roses, you may wish to walk around the mall and pick out a good bar!

Chamaripa mens elevator shoes new formal shoes,You will find some of the secrets.

1. man love elevator dress formal shoes
This type of man do not care what he wears shoes, chaos wear a pass. Sometimes not at all match dress elevator shoes and clothes, even if it is already broken shoes, old-fashioned style, he also does not matter. Not even wear socks, socks has been damaged, wearing the wrong, he can endure. In personality, he is a sloppy man, often unrealistic expectations. Private life very disorganized, and he likes to daydream, believe that one day they can ask for the moon, easy life to live self-deception. Appointments, his focus is inexpensive consumer, unless he wanted a big dinner, otherwise he would not take the initiative to invite.

2.Wearing taller casual shoes men
This type of man is to focus on leisure and lifestyle of man. For shoes demanding, not only comfortable, but also pay more attention to the style of shoes, but also with appropriate clothing. In personality, he likes to seize the initiative, the subjective sense of strong, very strict requirements on their own, to the opposite sex requirement is critical. In life, there is a law of planners, but occasionally binge on Christmas Eve or birthday party in.

3.Thrifty man shoes
After buying a pair of shoes, he would cherish it, hoping to wear shoes a little longer, you can save a home equipment budget. Shoe in his new height increasing shoes, “shoes age” is very long, you impressed. In personality, he belongs to the cautious, conservative man let go.


M SHOES sample before analysis design: to create masculine men, reflecting the sense of a sense of authority and status as men, men’s design generally grasp by careful, dignified, noble or upright rugged styling, this style embodied in the form of footwear, construction style, color, material, accessories, graphics and other styling elements, for high-end men’s shoes, the exquisite craftsmanship is essential.

2016 best shoes to make men look taller all collect here,you will find more fashion feel.

Gradually warm spring comes, they can wear clothing with delicate spring, of course, you have to have good clothes, good shoes to match! Fan art child full of canvas shoes, comfortable, breathable, very stylish, must be your best choice ~


Do the old elevator casual shoes breathable
Do the old casual shoes, deliberately do the old dirty soles, very personal, simple and the atmosphere, understated gray and the world witnessed indisputable attitude!
Korean version of the simple solid color height increasing lace shoes
Simple solid color, is a literary man “standard” black dirt very comfortable to wear, whether shopping or book party, will be a wild wave of shoes.
Fan art child youth fashion canvas shoes
Kids cowboy control can definitely put a bag friends ~ casual denim, slim design, breathable and comfortable, leisurely, Fan art full.

Men’s plain white canvas shoes
Solid color men’s canvas shoes, classic white shoes, wear-resistant soles, laces only as a good decoration has become a process, solid wild oh ~

Elevator casual canvas shoes to help low permeability
Super recommend this casual canvas shoes make you taller to help low permeability, almost tide burst! Shiny zebra design personality, not for fun; with Slim jeans casual pants, can have a gentile travel.

Original Japanese street canvas shoes

Simple atmosphere of a casual shoe, designed to help low permeability good, do not cover their feet faster heat dissipation. Classic white stitching by long-suppressed decay, unique fashionable design. With Slim jeans casual pants, you can have a gentile travel, work and leisure can wear.

elevator casual canvas men’s sneaker shoes ultralight hight increase shoes in France

Black jeans with what shoes, black gives a solemn feeling, and jeans have just broken the solemn black. To fashion with how it would look nice.


A: black denim pencil pants with high-top black elevator casual canvas shoes.

Black jeans tell from the color, you can make people feel more slender legs. Two black cowboy Slim pencil pants more design, more big highlights this effect. High-top canvas shoes make your feet and lower legs by a good part of the transition curve, the same color, so that the foot and leg to maintain a perfect overall result. If you are not tall, you can also choose a black canvas shoes within the higher, or one pair of inner pad insoles, stretched tall, while your legs look more slender.
Two: black denim pencil pants with brown vintage models Martin boots
Martin boots, black jeans and a nice fusion style from the same casual street style, make you look more casual. Even slender legs make you look a little neutral United States, Distressed paragraph immediately pull back ruggedly masculine charm you. Select the pencil pants leg advantage still make high help Martin boots and part of the design perfect fit, wear was high and significant leg length. Jeans can choose the style with holes designed to projecting out your cowboy personality, so that the whole is more vintage denim.

Three: black with white denim straight jeans casual shoes
White and black straight jeans casual shoes, color contrast maximum. This allows people to visually easy to focus on the lighter white top. So you have a lot of light looks whole, more lively and full of affinity. Black jeans straight jeans feet just right, so you are less obtrusive white upper trip. Choose white shoes, if you like the minimalist design, back like retro shoes are a good choice. And if you think this is too monotonous mix of black and white, have a leisurely fashion pattern white background casual shoes can make you look cute.


Four: black jeans feet with black high-heeled ankle boots
The match would be entirely to women’s fashion and design. Black high heels and black pants with feet, not only can give the illusion of a slender legs from the color, and this was to keep up the illusion of high stretch further. Let you easily promoted eight body.if you want to shop height increasing shoes in france,you can choose chamaripa shoes,all shoes make you taller 2-5 inches, so well.

Five popular elements of 2015 London Fashion Week

London fashion week opens, launching a month of runway shows that will continue in New York, Milan and Paris. The spring and summer series uses the artificial fur, which is definitely a new idea of this London fashion week. I summarize five popular elements of 2015 London Fashion Week.
1、Artificial fur accessories
Alexa Chung holding a Shrimps fur bag. The spring and summer series uses the artificial fur which is definitely a new idea of this London Fashion Week. Next year in the summer, you’ll see a girl wearing a silk shirt and carrying a fur bag, wore a fur scarf, stepping on a pair of sandals furry coming to you in the street.
Alexa Chung
2、Flat shoes
The white flat shoes of J. JS Lee attracts tremendous attention. High heels have become a past scenery. The white pointed Loafer shoes of the high street brand J. JS Lee go on the feet with the confident pace will lead the fashion trend of next spring and summer.
flat shoes
3、Ruffles and pleats
Bora Aksu new series finds inspiration from the “Paper Dolls” dress of Queen Elizabeth. The new series of the brand Bora Aksu adds translucent frills on large-sized striped shirt and suit, matching with With floral print, which is very attractive.
Ruffles and pleats
4、Pink hair
The famous fashion blogger Amy Valentine attends the fashion week with pink hair:
Pink hair is the charming statement of rebellious girls. As we all kown that Briton is famous for its street style and rebellious girls, it should come as no surprise that some people are crazy about the pink hair.
pank hair
5、Bucket bag
Louis Vuitton bucket bag. Almost every front stars of this London Fashion Week gets a bucket bag. The editor of the magazine Vogue Sarah Harris also roamed the runways with a bucket bag.
Bucket bag

We should pay attention to some details during running.

I have a friend from the 90 kg weight reduced to 75 kg, and now she is not only healthy, but also she looks particularly spiritual.She said,”Running let me know that i still alive and healthy,so that I can have a long distance run down. “Running can make you really feel the body of every lazy, comfortable cells gradually be awakened. They began streaming delivery of energy to the muscles, the body alive, the mind naturally younger. Then how to make themselves more healthy running it?running1
First, the choice of location is very important. I recommended to choose outdoor running. You can absorb fresh air, through the crowd, buildings and gardens. Your immediate landscape is changing, and more interesting.
Then, running the same time should be fine. Morning run, let your body facing the warm sun slowly jogging in the morning, we can help you boost your metabolism and make you the spirit of times. Night run, having the effect of weight loss, while running can help the brain blood and oxygen supply 25% increase. Sleep quality will increase in this night.
Finally, running in respiratory problems is very important.Nose, mouth while breathing rhythmically, but do not have too wide mouth.Put your tongue rolled up to extend air time in the mouth, reducing cold air to stimulate the respiratory tract.Note that exhale the gas from the lungs as much as possible every breath to increase the effective ventilation.Running speed of course vary, beginning runners can increase or decrease the amount of exercise according to their physical condition, amount, not to indulge in the pursuit of speed. A gradual increase in the speed and the number of kilometers, allowing the body to gradually adapt to the process in motion. When you are feeling tired and do not immediately stop, but with brisk walking instead of running.
This is some of my experience, and I hope you run a little help.

How to reduce the feet’s damage by high heels

For women,Wearing high heels is an important part of daily life, if wearing inappropriate will easily lead to foot pain problem. Mild problems are such as corns, plantar calluses, there will be serious mallet toes or other toe pain. So the pain is still a soft spot on the heels of many women. Then we need to have some way to reduce these injury, here are five alleviate tips to reduce these pain of by the high heels.
1. Find a pair of suitable shoes as possible as you can. Pain caused by wearing high heels because of excessive sliding forward. The inside of the shoe should be reserved enough space, high heels can cause inappropriate front paws to move forward. Increasing the pressure on the foot, resulting in pain, but to wear high-heeled shoes for their feet type can help relieve the pain.
2. Place the shoe insole in the bottom surface can help pain relief. If you wear high heels for standing at a long time, you’ll feel a toe bone pain, you should put the insoles below metatarsal. This insole main role is to provide a good buffer,mitigate the impact of the soles of the feet.
3. Choose thick heel for better counterweight. Heavy-bottomed elevator shoes disperse the weight pressure on the foot, so the pressure is more balanced. It can help relieve the pain achilles tendon problems.
4. Focus on high-heeled shoes slope or tilt angle. The inclination of the arc to make you feel comfortable.
5. Wear open-toed high heels can reduce corns and calluses stressors. But if you have corns and calluses,then you need to see a doctor. Please choose open-toed high heels can make inflammation area better ventilation, reduce stress.
What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other better tips? Let us discuss together!