men’s average height in worldwide nations

It is reported that men in Netherlands can reach to 182.5 cm and women in 170 cm.  When Asians travel to Netherlands, their hands couldn’t reach to the armrest at car and feet couldn’t reach to the earth when sitting on the toilets resulted from short height. Koreans have the tallest height in Asia which excesses Central and South America and and approach  southern Europe. However, North Koreans grow shorter for poor economic and malnutrition.

Young men in Japan have already be a bit taller than Chinese. It proves that living standard and living standard are as important as innate gene. In China, height difference between south and north, city and village, coastal  and inland areas still remains. Average height in Europe and America is generally higher than Asia.

men's average height in worldwide nations

Men’s(20 years old- 25 years old) average height in worldwide nations(partial data):

1.Netherlands: 182.5 cm

9.UK:178.1 cm

15.France:176.4 cm

20.US:175 cm

24. Korean:173.3 cm

32:China:169.7 cm

37:North Korea:158 cm