CAMARIPA elevator shoes design process and how to choose fashion style

First, the design of elevator men’s dress shoes
Male dress shoes is a common footwear, suits and other formal clothing generally matched. Men’s dress shoes, also known as dress shoes, referring appearance dignified, generous, without too much decoration men’s shoes. The most typical traditional male dress shoes inner ear three-fitting shoes (oxford) and concha three-fitting shoes, mix with ear button shoes (also known as monk shoes Monk) also belong dress footwear. Now men dress shoes has not only limited to the above several styles, some of the modeling simple generosity prime-toed shoes, tongue-type shoes, shoes and before the opening ceremony, “buns” and so can be used as shoe dress shoes to wear.
With the development of the times and the yuppie generation, modeling personality appears quasi dress shoes, the shoes in the tradition of elevator dress shoes, based on the pursuit of a unique personality and taste in the shape of style. Usually last type of overly weird, sometimes followed by dress shoe shape popular, such as shovel-head, square head, ramp-head type, etc., but in the structure of the style, material selection matching, decorative accessories and other aspects of some unique personality the design of. Men wearing dress shoes on the one hand is the need for a specific occasion, to the suit, dress matched the other hand, men choose to wear dress shoes but also to show their accomplishments and status. Therefore, men’s dress shoes must be designed in a noble, elegant and generous style of the overall shape and products fully demonstrate the beauty of a sophisticated process that must have exquisite craftsmanship.


Male dress shoes design style is characterized by elements of subtle changes, to a lesser extent, focusing on harmonization of the various modeling elements between. High-end dress shoes design special attention to the selection of high-grade materials, including upper materials, sole material, fittings and various accessories. Also, dress shoes, fashion design by larger impact (primarily last type and use of material).

Traditional style three head height increasing dress shoes style basic style is fixed, stylized, generally do not be too big design changes, such as a fixed ratio between the length of the header length, the length of the help and shoes have, in help dragging the feet have a fixed location. Of course, each of the above fixed member shape, proportion, not absolute position can not be changed, a slight change in design is allowed, such as shoes (last type) slightly longer, thinner and the like. However, the traditional style is almost perfect, aesthetic has also been formed in it formatted, in order to meet the needs of some consumers, traditional style three head dress shoes in the design may be substantially unchanged.