Successful men how to choose best Chamaripa elevator dress shoes and get more deal about it.

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Before lecturing, first few notes:
Elevator Dress Shoe are pointed. Chamaripa only through a lot of dress shoes, he pointed out that the awkward, looking round wear. Can you find round dress shoes trouble meters today with your last name! In addition to the tip, and square head, please do not choose, ugly.

Do not try to find a pair to wear to work, usually can wear, but also so-called can dress up and dress down every day to wear elevator shoes to wear it bad. Are at least twenty years of age, do not know what you need at least two pairs of shoes? Indeed there can be interposed between the two, wait for the next trouble meters alone will tell you.
Election code this thing mainly depends on the brand, than you generally wear height increasing dress shoes code small one yard, wearing dress socks (designated priorities, do not wear socks) feel slightly tight, Bigfoot thumb from the top of the shoe tip empty a finger width distance. Why to choose slightly tight, because elevator dress shoes are all leather, usually two weeks after wearing complete break in. Why do you want to stay away from the front of the toes, because the toe is sharp, your feet are not sharp, and if Bigfoot thumb against the head, leaving a few toes are grinding cry.
To color belt and shoes color uniform. If a pair of black shoes with a brown leather belt, will the absurd. At the same time we also need cortex, can not be used to smooth skin with pebble grain leather (pebble leather).
Can black shoes with black suit with gray suit, brown with a dark blue suit with gray suit. Blue shoes, burgundy shoes left fashionable fine, they know how to wear.


Here began formal science! We start from the style.
1. Elevator Oxford shoes Oxford.
Oxford shoes are the most basic, a lot of people in life are the first pair of dress shoes from its beginning. Note that this is oxford, not the derby. In comparison, oxford more formal. Incidentally, note the following figure laces Department of Law, please do not cross the line into a sneaker style.

Oxford shoes style mainly depends on the toe, divided plain toe, cap toe with wingtip, is the drawing of the above three types, the following three there, but not much.

How to shop best chamaripa elevator men dress shoes?

One pair of elevator dress shoes not only make yourself more confident, and help protect the health of the foot. Particularly in today’s market brand chamaripa shoes, men’s shoes brand which is good, please refer to the shoes to buy knowledge.

One pair of good elevator dress shoes brand, its appearance quality should meet the following requirements:
1. leather upper without scars and dark, the entire upper bright color. No fracture surface, off the pulp, discoloration. Height increasing shoe sole surface to be bright, no crack and surface flaws, notch finishing, no disadvantage exposed fracture line and the bottom of the heart weak.
2.  height increasing shoes two sole length too fat closed completely equal length before and after to help the help of suitable height foot. Uppers, soles flat without skew distortion phenomenon.
3. primary and lower inner header with a hard, flat with a finger pressed no weak phenomenon, the upper soft and elastic, no hard card foot phenomenon.
4. heel equidistant, followed by smooth, uniform code sewing needle. Nails neatly along the strip flat.

H52C08K011D (1)
5. The upper, shoe soles clean, no glue, paste, oil, wax stains.
Also: Check the shoes dry surface and bottom together at whether the firm, uniform, look Neither shoe length, width.

Chamaripa Elevator Shoes give men confidence and comfort

As we know, elevator shoes are more and more popular in many occasions, example wedding,party,workplace. Maybe you have elevator shoes,so what do you think about the height increase shoes. If you feel it not comfortable, get one from chamaripa shoes store,  if you feel it well, you get the better Elevator Shoes from Chamaripa.

Keep comfortable with quality insoles, sounds surprising? Well, if you haven’t heard of elevator shoes, it is time, you will be aware of these.Elevator shoes are the perfect solution to all concerns and complex is a short man.Shoes and insoles are hidden soles, increase your height naturally.The best part is that the shoes are absolutely comfortable. Chamaripa elevator shoes, you can see the natural high, boost your confidence.

Find elevator office shoes make you taller 7CM/2.76 Inch men height increasing shoes with Model: H52330K101D from online store.

Black Dress Taller 7CM2.76 Inch Increasing Height Elevator Shoes
Black Dress Taller 7CM2.76 Inch Increasing Height Elevator Shoes

elevator casual canvas men’s sneaker shoes ultralight hight increase shoes in France

Black jeans with what shoes, black gives a solemn feeling, and jeans have just broken the solemn black. To fashion with how it would look nice.


A: black denim pencil pants with high-top black elevator casual canvas shoes.

Black jeans tell from the color, you can make people feel more slender legs. Two black cowboy Slim pencil pants more design, more big highlights this effect. High-top canvas shoes make your feet and lower legs by a good part of the transition curve, the same color, so that the foot and leg to maintain a perfect overall result. If you are not tall, you can also choose a black canvas shoes within the higher, or one pair of inner pad insoles, stretched tall, while your legs look more slender.
Two: black denim pencil pants with brown vintage models Martin boots
Martin boots, black jeans and a nice fusion style from the same casual street style, make you look more casual. Even slender legs make you look a little neutral United States, Distressed paragraph immediately pull back ruggedly masculine charm you. Select the pencil pants leg advantage still make high help Martin boots and part of the design perfect fit, wear was high and significant leg length. Jeans can choose the style with holes designed to projecting out your cowboy personality, so that the whole is more vintage denim.

Three: black with white denim straight jeans casual shoes
White and black straight jeans casual shoes, color contrast maximum. This allows people to visually easy to focus on the lighter white top. So you have a lot of light looks whole, more lively and full of affinity. Black jeans straight jeans feet just right, so you are less obtrusive white upper trip. Choose white shoes, if you like the minimalist design, back like retro shoes are a good choice. And if you think this is too monotonous mix of black and white, have a leisurely fashion pattern white background casual shoes can make you look cute.


Four: black jeans feet with black high-heeled ankle boots
The match would be entirely to women’s fashion and design. Black high heels and black pants with feet, not only can give the illusion of a slender legs from the color, and this was to keep up the illusion of high stretch further. Let you easily promoted eight body.if you want to shop height increasing shoes in france,you can choose chamaripa shoes,all shoes make you taller 2-5 inches, so well.

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chamaripa height increasing shoes buy 1 get 1 free,free shipping now.

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About us:

Chamaripa, the top and most professional international elevator shoes brand. Chamaripa Shoes corporation had founded in 1996, manufature premium men’s elevator shoes using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of Chamaripa shoes are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of the Chamaripa name.

Chamaripa Is Here For Reason Since 1990

Chamaripa is here for reason. Sometimes,our inseurities and  inexperience may lead us too ,to embrace other people’s expectations, standards or values.Inexperience can carve our own path which is free of burden that how things is supposed to be; a path that is defined by its own particular set of reasons.

production line of chamaripa shoes

Trace back to 1990, the boss of Chamaripa Shoes resigned his position from a government agency.At that time, he knows little about shoes, let alone elevator shoes for men. He just wanted to start a business.What inspired him to invent hidden heel shoes for men is his own short height. He wanted to make shoes for those men who like him may be insecure about their own worthiness because the factor of height. It made me work a million times harder. At first, he tried to cooperate with the normal shoes factory to manufacture elevator shoes. After a certain time, he found the quality far from his expectation. At last, he built his own professional factory to manufacture these shoes and apply National patent.

From 1990 to 2015, through development more than 24 years, Chamaripa Shoes already become the leader in the industry. It’ s about taking pleasure in the perfection and beauty of the particular instead of quantity. Our boss often emphasize responsibility and initiative. He often said he is not the provider of shoes, but hope to make wearers more confident and enhance life standard. 

Height increasing shoes can make you look taller 2-5 inch instantly and invisibly. It can improve body figure, avoid bending down and hunching. It can remind wearers  seeking a superior sense.

Frequent Questions Before Buying Chamaripa Shoes

Our consumer service Sophia has listed some frequent questions that consumers may ask before making order online.

Q:Do you ship to Canada?

A:Yes, all of Chamaripa Shoes are shipping to worldwide.

Q:Do I need to cost shipping fee?

A:All packages are free shipping via fast DHL/FEDEX, if is not the remote area, so could you tell us your address first, then we can check it.

Q:When will you ship out the shoes after I pay money?

A:If the shoes you buy are in stock,we will ship out in 2 days; If the shoes are out of stock, it need about 4 days for making shoes. It will cost 3-7 days that Dhl send the shoes to your door.

Q:The size chart is different from other website, how should I choose the right size、

A:You can tell us the length of your feet and your usual size, then we can help you choose the right size.

Q:Can I buy it from my local place?

A:We are sorry that we haven’t any store on your country, but you can buy the shoes on our website, it is easier. You can pay your order by credit card or paypal.

Q:What’s your return policy?

A:Our return policy is:If there any qualtiy problem on our shoes, you can get a full refund. If the size can’t fit your feet, you can exchange the shoes.

By the way, we are recruiting agents worldwide. If you are interested in this business, welcome to consult our detail agent policy!



What Companies Make Height Elevator Shoes For Sale

We can search many stores that sell elevator shoes on google. But most of their products are made by some normal shoes factory. There is one company which has its own professional factory devoting on making elevator shoes since 1990. Through more than 24 years efforts and improvement, it can provide the most comfortable height elevator shoes at factory price.

Chamaripa special shoes lifts

Elevator shoes have the same appearance as normal shoes. But it can help wearers look taller 2-5 inch because of its height insoles. Some stores sell shoes lifts, so you can put it inside your normal shoes. It really can be cheap and convenient. However, it is not comfortable and healthy for feet. Chamaripa shoes lifts are made from finest polyether material to make shoes comfortable as flat shoes and lightweight. Different style even different size has its own special lift to be 100% consistent with foot shape.

There are more than 200 styles including dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, loafers and brogues can be selected. Each pair of Chamaripa shoes is made of full grain genuine leather. All packages are shipping via fast DHL or FEDEX. Our consumer service will try her best to make consumers satisfied.

If you are worried about buying products online, you can order Chamaripa Shoes from different platform: official online shop, Ebay and Aliexpress.




April special offers for quality elevator shoes

For consumers who focus on our Chamaripa Shoes, you must have noticed that our online shop launch huge discount for more than 20 discount fantastic styles. This time, our coupon is different from before. Before, we may provide some special offers for some shoes that may be shortage of size or may not so beautiful in outlook. Among the discounted shoes, I will recommend you three pairs of them in particular.

brown genuine leather increase shoes

2.95 inch brown full grain genuine leather shoes fit for wedding, party or work very well. Graceful lines divide the shoe in three parts. When you wear this pair of dress elevated shoes, you can not only get 7.5 cm extra height, but also make you look royal.

black dress shoes to make men look taller

As for this style, most of our consumers tend to buy the brown one(X92h38). It makes the black one be ignored. In fact, although it is in classic black colors, the elongated shape can also make wearers elegant.

black increase height men shoes

Unlike the two former in round toe, this one is in square toe. Dress shoes with square toe may look a bit heavy. But with height insoles built inside the shoes, It became stable instead.

Let no short man in the world is our mission. Make consumers enjoy the biggest benefits, we are always try our best.


Why lots of man choose elevator shoes Instead of lifts?

Elevator shoes and shoes lifts have the same function,both of them can make men look taller instantly and invisibly.With the progress of the times,lots of men choose elevator shoes in the life.

Here is the advantage for shoes lifts:

1.You can buy the shoes lifts at lots of shoes store,and the price is very cheap,not more than $50.

2.It is very easy and convenient.

3.You can put shoes lifts into every shoes when you want to look taller.

shoes lifts

YES,lifts have should be more fashion than elevator shoes,but shoes lifts have the fatal flaws:

Shoes lifts is not fixed in the shoes,that is to say,it can movable,when the man put it into the shoes and walking,the lifts is running in the shoes,make your feet feel very uncomfortable,when you wearing the shoes with lift all of the time,it will be hurt structure of human’s foot bone,if you not want to be a handicapped person,we advise you not use shoes lifts.

Elevator shoes is different for shoes lifts.elevator shoes was designed to fit structure of human’s foot bone by our professional designer,comfort ensured.the increaser is fixed in the shoes,when the people wear it,it feel like formal shoes.high heel can not maintain a good balance of the body,so you can see lots of women fall down.but this does not happen for Chamaripa elevator shoes.

elevator shoes

Chamaripa elevator shoes with full pads by high-level,not like the other elevator shoes use the half pad increaser.chamaripa shoes processed by a professional production from within the elevator if you want to look taller with comfortable and cosy,we recommend you choose the best elevator shoes brand-Chamaripa.