Chamaripa elevator shoes to increase height and 2016 new style of height increasing shoes to match,All fashion online

Casual trend with men elevator shoes, men closer to God temperament! Maybe you are a low-key man, but the man of God cultivate the temperament, whether in the workplace or in life, can more easily deal with various situations, choose one pair of excellent quality elevator casual men’s shoes, life to enhance their taste, texture men do, indispensable.
Casual men gentle, gray lace design advanced, adding gentleman style, trousers with a shirt, Polo shirt denim pants are a good choice.

Casual trend with men, men closer to God temperament! Maybe you are a low-key man, but the man of God cultivate the temperament, whether in the workplace or in life, can more easily deal with various situations, choose one pair of excellent quality casual men’s  height increasing shoes, life to enhance their taste, texture men do, indispensable.

Red motion design reflects a sense of vitality, with a track suit or jeans and t-shirt, running shoes pure victory, more gentle and polite.


Gradient green casual shoes, suede leather fabric soft texture, no lace metal-free taller shoes accessories, simple and easy to match clothes, highlighting the fresh and energetic.

Dark blue mixed colors orange elevator running shoes, leather velvet fabric, followed by adding thick pad with care ankle, round design to enhance comfort, very good.

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How to shop best chamaripa elevator men dress shoes?

One pair of elevator dress shoes not only make yourself more confident, and help protect the health of the foot. Particularly in today’s market brand chamaripa shoes, men’s shoes brand which is good, please refer to the shoes to buy knowledge.

One pair of good elevator dress shoes brand, its appearance quality should meet the following requirements:
1. leather upper without scars and dark, the entire upper bright color. No fracture surface, off the pulp, discoloration. Height increasing shoe sole surface to be bright, no crack and surface flaws, notch finishing, no disadvantage exposed fracture line and the bottom of the heart weak.
2.  height increasing shoes two sole length too fat closed completely equal length before and after to help the help of suitable height foot. Uppers, soles flat without skew distortion phenomenon.
3. primary and lower inner header with a hard, flat with a finger pressed no weak phenomenon, the upper soft and elastic, no hard card foot phenomenon.
4. heel equidistant, followed by smooth, uniform code sewing needle. Nails neatly along the strip flat.

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5. The upper, shoe soles clean, no glue, paste, oil, wax stains.
Also: Check the shoes dry surface and bottom together at whether the firm, uniform, look Neither shoe length, width.

Chamaripa mens elevator shoes new formal shoes,You will find some of the secrets.

1. man love elevator dress formal shoes
This type of man do not care what he wears shoes, chaos wear a pass. Sometimes not at all match dress elevator shoes and clothes, even if it is already broken shoes, old-fashioned style, he also does not matter. Not even wear socks, socks has been damaged, wearing the wrong, he can endure. In personality, he is a sloppy man, often unrealistic expectations. Private life very disorganized, and he likes to daydream, believe that one day they can ask for the moon, easy life to live self-deception. Appointments, his focus is inexpensive consumer, unless he wanted a big dinner, otherwise he would not take the initiative to invite.

2.Wearing taller casual shoes men
This type of man is to focus on leisure and lifestyle of man. For shoes demanding, not only comfortable, but also pay more attention to the style of shoes, but also with appropriate clothing. In personality, he likes to seize the initiative, the subjective sense of strong, very strict requirements on their own, to the opposite sex requirement is critical. In life, there is a law of planners, but occasionally binge on Christmas Eve or birthday party in.

3.Thrifty man shoes
After buying a pair of shoes, he would cherish it, hoping to wear shoes a little longer, you can save a home equipment budget. Shoe in his new height increasing shoes, “shoes age” is very long, you impressed. In personality, he belongs to the cautious, conservative man let go.


M SHOES sample before analysis design: to create masculine men, reflecting the sense of a sense of authority and status as men, men’s design generally grasp by careful, dignified, noble or upright rugged styling, this style embodied in the form of footwear, construction style, color, material, accessories, graphics and other styling elements, for high-end men’s shoes, the exquisite craftsmanship is essential.

elevator casual canvas men’s sneaker shoes ultralight hight increase shoes in France

Black jeans with what shoes, black gives a solemn feeling, and jeans have just broken the solemn black. To fashion with how it would look nice.


A: black denim pencil pants with high-top black elevator casual canvas shoes.

Black jeans tell from the color, you can make people feel more slender legs. Two black cowboy Slim pencil pants more design, more big highlights this effect. High-top canvas shoes make your feet and lower legs by a good part of the transition curve, the same color, so that the foot and leg to maintain a perfect overall result. If you are not tall, you can also choose a black canvas shoes within the higher, or one pair of inner pad insoles, stretched tall, while your legs look more slender.
Two: black denim pencil pants with brown vintage models Martin boots
Martin boots, black jeans and a nice fusion style from the same casual street style, make you look more casual. Even slender legs make you look a little neutral United States, Distressed paragraph immediately pull back ruggedly masculine charm you. Select the pencil pants leg advantage still make high help Martin boots and part of the design perfect fit, wear was high and significant leg length. Jeans can choose the style with holes designed to projecting out your cowboy personality, so that the whole is more vintage denim.

Three: black with white denim straight jeans casual shoes
White and black straight jeans casual shoes, color contrast maximum. This allows people to visually easy to focus on the lighter white top. So you have a lot of light looks whole, more lively and full of affinity. Black jeans straight jeans feet just right, so you are less obtrusive white upper trip. Choose white shoes, if you like the minimalist design, back like retro shoes are a good choice. And if you think this is too monotonous mix of black and white, have a leisurely fashion pattern white background casual shoes can make you look cute.


Four: black jeans feet with black high-heeled ankle boots
The match would be entirely to women’s fashion and design. Black high heels and black pants with feet, not only can give the illusion of a slender legs from the color, and this was to keep up the illusion of high stretch further. Let you easily promoted eight body.if you want to shop height increasing shoes in france,you can choose chamaripa shoes,all shoes make you taller 2-5 inches, so well.

How different color suit tall shoes for short guys?

Black elevator shoes and a black suit work great if you’re going to a funeral, but most of the time we’re a little more colorful in our

How does a tall shoes for short guys wearing a navy, light-grey, or brown suit match his shoes with the suit color?

Take a moment to get to know the chart below.
It pairs the five most common suit colors — navy, medium or mid-gray,
charcoal, brown, and black — with three different shoes to show you which colors work with which leathers.
Now, are these shoe matching rules absolute? Not entirely — but it’s a very safe guide to follow.
If you’re bucking the advice here, it should be because you’re going for a really unique look or you know the rules and make a conscious decision to ignore them!
For example, we don’t have the
burgundy shoes paired with a black suit. But a rocker might wear a black suit with red Converse All-Stars.
There are going to be exceptions.
But there aren’t many of them, and if you’re sticking to classic business and business-casual dress, let this chart be your guide.
Most of the time it’s not too hard. Strict business formality is easy — a charcoal gray or navy blue suit and plain black shoes.
ut as the suits (and the business climate) become more relaxed, you get the option of wearing different colors of leather with them. That’s a
stumblingblock for a lot of men — and the wrong color of shoes and belt can ruin even a fine suit.

But as the suits (and the business climate) become more relaxed, you get the option of wearing different colors of leather with them. That’s a
stumblingblock for a lot of men — and the wrong color of shoes and belt can ruin even a fine suit.


Here’s how most of these combinations play out in practical, day-to-day dress:
Pair with:
Black shoes
Brown shoes
Red or burgundy shoes

Navy can go comfortably with all three of the main color families of men’s leather height increasing shoes. You can probably even make a navy suit work with more
exotic colors if you have them, although blue is generally too close to make a good contrast.

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Chamaripa, the top and most professional international elevator shoes brand. Chamaripa Shoes corporation had founded in 1996, manufature premium men’s elevator shoes using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of Chamaripa shoes are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of the Chamaripa name.

chamaripa elevator shoes match in dubai in 2016 new year!

shoes color in dubai match is divided into two categories, one is color coordinated with the other category are contrasting colors.


Contrasting colors is divided into:
1, strong color with: that match the color of the two far apart, such as: yellow and purple, red and green, this color strong. Daily life, we often see is black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white, gray is no color, so no matter what colors they have no major problems. Generally, if the same color and white, will appear bright; and black becomes dark. Therefore making clothing color should weigh with you in order to highlight which part of the clothing. Do not calm elevator shoes colors, such as: dark brown, purple and black, and black that would show “grab color” of the consequences, so that the entire garment unfocused, and overall performance of clothing appeared to be very heavy, dark and colorless. Black and yellow are the most dazzling mix of red and black, very grand, but without losing the charm Oh ~
2, complementary color with: refers to the two opposite colors with, such as: red and green, blue and orange, black and white and other, complementary color match can be in stark contrast, sometimes receive better results are never black and white. classic


Color coordinated with which they can be divided into:

1, the same color with the principle refers to the shades, two different kinds of light and dark colors to match the same class, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream, dark red with light red, etc., with similar colors seem soft and elegant clothing. With pink color, so that the whole lot of people look soft

2, approximate color match: Refers to two relatively close to the color match, such as: red and orange or purple, yellow and grass green or orange to match other not everyone can wear a green dress nice, green and yellow of the match , giving a very spring feeling, the overall feeling is very simple and elegant, still ~ ~ lady smell inadvertently revealed to professional women of color matching. Professional women dressed in professional women’s activities in the office premises, low-saturation can work one of the people, calmly deal with various issues, and create a calm atmosphere. Professional women dressed more in the indoor environment, limited space, people always want more personal space, wearing a low purity of color will increase the distance between people, and reduce crowding. Low purity of color more easily coordinate with other height increasing shoes colors, which makes sense to increase the kind of harmony between people, thus contributing to the formation of collaborative pattern. In addition, you can use low-purity color easy to match the characteristics of the limited clothing with a rich combination. Meanwhile, the low purity gives humility, tolerance, maturity, borrowing the language of color, working women are more attention and trust of others.


Chamaripashoes can provide nice elevator shoes for you

chamaripa elevator shoes with the same appearance as flat shoes yet can help you increase height without being noticed. The style is chaired by Italian designers, which closely follow the trend, diverse and rich in style. Our product make you look taller 2-5 inch and boost/enhance self-confidence. Quarterly hundreds of new models suit for multi-age, multi-class social needs. Now Chamaripa launch elevator shoes models are: casual shoes, sport shoes, business suits shoes, casual shoes, boots, hiking shoes that meets your business office, outdoor recreation needs.

01 black leather lifted dress shoes black suede leather look taller casual shoes brown calfskin leather shoes high end tailor made new style australian ostrich leather tall shoes tom cruise shoes wangbuIn addition, the body will tilt forward when we wear elevator shoes. in order to maintain body balance, he would habitually their heads held high when wore elevator shoes . Elevator shoes effectively improve various hunched bad habits. Manifest your temperament, demeanor and confidence. If you want to learn more about our shoes. Please visit our website

Are High Heels The Only Style For Formal Occasions

You must have believed “Heelgate”about the 68th Cannes Film Festival. It is said that women with flat shoes were turned away to let in. Response from director of the festival said : the request for red carpet didn’t change. It is required to be formal, but not mean only high heels for women. It is a rumor.

Emily Blunt was among the stars that criticised Cannes' heels policy

Anyway, it caused controversy about women’s high heels again. Are high heels the only style for formal occasions?Of course, not. High heels can make wearers’ leg look longer and regarded as sexy. Meanwhile, women also need to suffer much pain and danger from high heels. Achilles tendinitis may happen if high heels are wore for a long time. At the same time, the risk for spraining  ankle increased. Foot medical experts said that there is no healthy  high heels  in the world. Wear less as possible. Try to choose high heels under 3 inch.

If you still want to wear some shoes that can increase height without pain, then women’s height increasing shoes can be considered.

Are Elevator Shoes Obvious When You Wear It?

Although many people have been very understanding the elevator shoes,or have tried it.but here is still have a part of the crowd didn’t know what it elevator shoes,they may also can ask the search engine are elevator shoes obvious when you wear it?


Now as a customer service form elevator shoes onlines store,I will give you the affirmative answer:it is not obvious when you wearing the elevator make you look taller invisibly.

Elevator shoes,is a kind of shoes,compared with the ordinary shoes,it have the increased function,so that is the reason why elevator shoes is a little expensive than formal shoes.Elevator shoes are shoes that have thickened sections of the insoles (known as increasers) to make the wearer appear taller. They are also known as height shoes or height increasing shoes or taller shoes. Elevator shoes look the same as normal shoes from outside. Of overall the lift is hidden inside the shoe. it is comfortable and safe to wear,because the lift is elastic and curved to fit the feet. With elevator on, wearer would be taller by 5cm to 13cm (2-5.11 inches), looking more handsome, dignified and graceful.


So lots of man like to wear elevator shoes to become more taller,when you wearing the shoes on,there is no one know you secret.if you a short man or you want to look taller,pls go to get one pair of elevator shoes now,if you don’t know where to buy elevator shoes,you can go to visit this online ,the shoes have good quality with cheap price,more than 300 style for choose.