2015 Summer And Spring Fashion Trends

Flaunt aristocratic game of nautical sports has been the flagship of leisure routes in recent years,elegant sense of nobility pursued than before, gradually being replaced by youth and innovative use of new materials and rich detail,ocean wind to the season,raised sailing with blue sky companion,the fresh sea breeze makes journeying as drunk. SUITSUPPLY go mix and match line,double-breasted jacket is the most low-key stable,but lower body with warm striped Bermuda shorts, all the elements of discord with them is funny, please to the eye,this is a young capital with impunity.REISS is knitted striped sweater and bright yellow shorts Skinny tell you,there is an elegant coffee business model but without appearing contrived boring.


Cowboy Series Of Elegant
This season with the most useful features of denim fabrics washed out of the blues classic, the original can also change the style so new, young denim classic fabrics for the upcoming season offers unlimited possibilities,from a long paragraph jacket,short paragraph suit to jeans to a more varied styles on stage,reached a balance between being practical and fashionable.Suit redefined the original ecology of denim fabric new contour,dark shiny fabric cutting into distinct urban silhouette suit,open wire hidden traces showing more neat tailoring,with the texture of cotton shirts or relaxed minimalism T-Shirt.REISS make the perfect demonstration of urban post men for us.


The Dazzling Red
TOMMYHILFIGER with sky blue astronomy POLO knocked simple but powerful reflect the modern.Color in the year 2015 was selected as Marsala red,not only their own is very attractive,but also against the background of a graceful brilliance of other colors.Simple burgundy jacket with a sweater and trousers will be able to exude style tough urban knight attitude,but still retains the gentleman gentle,good man new nirvana!


Printing Shirt More Gentleman
Inspired by the impact of travel,fiction and art paintings,2015 men printed design show a new concept,including the lush vegetation flower pattern,representing the natural landscape pattern of traveling,enough ink pattern,highly interesting abstract fight map case and highlight the electronic pulse pattern technological revolution.Compared to the previous quarter,gorgeous warm eye offensive season of printing in color and brightness are more gentle,BRIONI will mash check printing plant,blues neutral wind a little flower show atmosphere.Rich design printing men filled the gap,to wardrobe this season with more rich and more avant garde fashion concept.