scandals about Nicolas Sarkozy’s height

Among the wearers of height increasing shoes, there is no lack of famous stars  and politicians. As for politicians, we have to talk about Nicolas Sarkozy, 23rd President of France. Sarkozy cares much about his height and as if medias also enjoy to report scandals about Nicolas Sarkozy’s height to have fun. Today, we will list some typical scandals that medias have reported.

Sarkozy And Carla Bruni

Spouse as tall women and short men can be a bit embarrassment. There is no exception between 5′ 5″ Nicolas Sarkozy and his third wife 5′ 9″ Carla Bruni. Carla Bruni can fall in love and married with Sarkozy because his wisdom, humor and agility regardless of his height. But it doesn’t mean the media and others won’t make joke of their height. Although Bruni chooses to wear flat shoes when standing with Sarkozy, it still couldn’t cover up their height difference. Mini Citroen cars even made its advertisement directly as “pick up a small French car as Ms Bruni”.

Sarkozy first bend over to shake hands to cover up his height shortage

Apart from Sarkozy’s wife have to wear flat shoes instead of high heel shoes to match him, he also has a strict standard on picking up bodyguards. His bodyguards are carefully selected that taller men are not in consideration to maintain his image. When he gave speech in front of public or even visit the company, people around him are picked up by his assistant to guarantee their height won’t be taller than Sarkozy.

How Sarkozy Stood Up To Obama

Any tips to increase height or avoid height embarrassment, Sarkozy would adapt them. He wear taller shoes all the time, and stand on the bench to make speech. On the meeting with female visitors, he will first bend over to shake hands to cover up his height shortage.


The Frequently Questions About Elevator Shoes

Q:Wearing elevator shoes can make me grow taller?
A:No.elevator shoes only can make you look taller,not grow when you take off height increasing shoes,your net Height is not change.

Robert Downey Jr

Q:Others will laugh at me when I wearing elevator shoes?
A:No.what is elevator shoes?elevator shoes is make you look taller 2-5 inch instantly and invisibly.elevator shoes is look like formal shoes,so when you wearing it,there is no one know what you wear.

Q:Is there any harm when wearing elevator shoes?
A:Not far as I know that our Chamaripa shoes is designed to fit structure of human’s foot bone by our professional designer,comfort ensured.all of our shoes’ leather are tested, and has been certified there is no any harm when you wearing them.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Q:gravida can wear elevator shoes?
A:Yes.the increser is 2-5 inch for elevator shoes,so if are a gravida and early pregnancy,you can wear the elevator shoes with lower height.Of course,to be safe,we not advise you wear it at the later period.

Q:Do you know some celebrities wear elevator shoes? lots of celebrities who’s height is less than 180cm wear elevator shoes.such as french president Nicolas Sarkozy,American film actor Tom Cruise,American film actor Robert Downey Jr. Japan’s all-around entertainer Kimura takuya and so on.

Tom Cruise

Q:Is there necessary for men to wear elevator shoes?
A:Yes,is necessary.If a man is shorter than his girlfriend or wife, then it is very necessary for him to wear elevator shoes.If you are a taller man,you can offer them more secure.and if you shorter than your girlfriend or wife,you will be lose the face.