men’s 2015 spring collection:retro style

Fashion is a kind of reincarnation. Retro style is never out of style. In men’s 2015 spring collection, retro style whether in tailoring clothes or shoes  is very noticeable. It can be fully indicated from the big fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Prada 2015 spring style

Prada Show is the biggest surprise in Spring/summer 2015 Milan fashion week. It is a magnificent tailoring clothes shows that make us remind the 1970s. Deep colors as dark blue and dark green with special tailoring model bring us the feeling of luxury and elegance. Miuccia Prada explained her creation as that :”why people now are attracted by retro style clothes, for the superior quality by excellent skills is fading gradually. I hope I can do something to recover it “.

ouis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2015

Louis Vuitton shows in spring/summer 2015 Paris fashion week also responding to this trend. It is a grand banquet in the theme of incorporation for leisure tour and gorgeous  restoration.It is different from its modern tour works in last two shows . Vintage elements includes printing and rivets.

Fashion show is a guide. Retro style is not only showed in ready-to- wear clothes, but also elevator shoes. We don’t deny Prada and Louis Vuitton are luxurious brands that not all of us can enjoy it. But when mentioned in manufacturing height increasing shoes. It may not equal to a professional brand called Chamaripa which has more than 20 years experience. It only make special elevating shoes instead of normal shoes. Besides, it also comply with the latest fashion.

vintage style dress elevator shoes for men

As showed in the picture, it leads you to the romantic Paris time. Color as black and brown is classic. Punching and carved pattern make the shoes at high quality texture.