How To Match Casual Shoes In Summer

The most popular style of shoes is Mark style casual shoes in 2014. Mark delicate line nearly decorated shoes in the street like a beautiful landscape. Chamaripa launched spring and summer fashion explosion model casual shoes has four colors:blue,modern red,fashion brown and black. Here,let us recommend something different with the way of casual shoes this summer.

Blue shoes with a white linen casual trousers, elegant and stylish. Now, office workers are benning to pursue a leisure life, the cabinet of house with basically prepared with some comfortable soft linen pants. Blue elevator casual shoes let you look more elegant and chic!


Modern red style shoes with British short pants

Early May,you can feel summer is coming, hot weather,take off the thick clothes in haste,exposing thighs,so that my thigh to breathe.In particular,some petty bourgeoisie of workers,particularly favored British style short pants.


Stylish brown shoes with casual jeans

Throughout the year,how can less got wild jeans, fashion jeans are the first wave of urban influx of people living at home or out essential, men who wear jeans to show more youthful and full of manly!


Charm of black shoes with black casual trousers

Black casual trousers seem mature and stable,has been men’s favorite.Service people are generally required to wear suits to work, so choose a pair of black increased shoes is their a good choice, you can always match with black trousers


Is height part of the reason for the fragility of marriage

Does height matters in the choice of partner among famous celebrities? It is often be discussed and we can get completely different answers according to different examples. If we say the answer is no, we can list some Famous Hollywood short men in a happy family, such as Michael J. Fox and Peter Dinklage . If you say height really get in the way for love, We can also list some couples, and Tom cruise seems to be the best proof.

tall women  divorced with short men

Among Tom cruise’s three wives, all of them are taller than him. Surprisingly, all three divorced with Tom cruise in their 34-years-old.  No one can explain such coincidence. To explain their divorce, height, of course not the main reason. Love is an amazing thing, when the two fall in love, there is no shortcoming in eyes. However, when love disappears, any question can make unhappy. It is obvious between Tom cruise and Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes rewears high heel shoes after divorced with Tom cruiseOn social events, to match with height, Tom cruise wears height increasing shoes, and Katie Holmes was forced to wear flat shoes or sandals to low height. But after they sign the divorce agreement, Katie spend a huge money on buying beautiful high heel shoes. Shopping is a good way to release sadness.

What’s your opinion on this question?