Eddie Redmayne with “the theory of everything”

There is a difference between actors and their roles that play in the movie or TV. Before, we often talk about the male short actors in real life who plays the strapping and superman images in the movie, such as  Robert Downey Jr (iron man), Tobey Maguire(spider man) and Jack Nicholson(Batman). But this time 5′ 11″ Eddie Redmayne plays 5′ 7″ Stephen Hawking in the film “the theory of everything”. It makes our eyes.

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in the theory of everythingHonestly, I know little about the real Hawking. His impression on me is one great scientist who found black holes and wrote “the brief theory of time”. His image in our eyes is one poor small man siting on wheel chair, beating words on a computer and voiced like a robot. The movie shows us a different Stephen from his school time in Cambridge. He was just as healthy and youthful as any other phd students in university at that time. Even Eddie Redmayne said in the visit that he didn’t ever know young Stephen is healthy and strong. He also ride bike and  rowing boat.

Eddie Redmayne with Stephen Hawking

Happy time is short, painful time comply along with him for his rest time. Gradually, he couldn’t walk by feet, pick up spoon, stuck in the stairs and even speak. All is unnormal. Through such hard times, he still get such big research. Of course, Film is  artistic and it is actually an unconventional love story more than Physics and science. What I want to say is that Eddie Redmayne really made much effort on playing a vivid Stephen. It is not easy for a strong, tall and healthy actor to do as a  crooked, difficult in daily life scientist.  Eddie Redmayne deserved to win the award of best actor in Oscar.

2015 spring/summer sport taller lovers shoes

For the metaphor of lovers or marriage, we can always hear that “lover/marriage is like one pair of shoes, whether it is suitable for you or not, only feet knows”. Recently, I’m watching the TV series “‘Friends”  again and found some interesting things about this. Monica has date with some men, but ultimately ruined by her friends. Once, she dates with a man called Alan. Surprisingly , all of her friends like tony very much. But for her, she has no sense and couldn’t feel the love between Alan. At last, Alan became one of her ex-boyfriend. It tells us whether a man or woman fit for you ultimately depends on you instead of your friends. Because it is you who date and live with him/her.

lovers shoes to make you look taller

So you should choose suitable shoes carefully as you choosing your partner. Otherwise, you will always has bad thought as “it is not my shoes, it is not my shoes” as Phoebe. How to choose the shoes that fit for both of you? There is no suitable than “lovers shoes”!

colorful sneakers for lovers

It is the first time that Chamaripa tries to manufacture lovers shoes. It is designed several months ago and checked lots of procedures before finished. A pair of sport shoes made with mesh/suede leather can be very breathable and comfortable for sporting in spring and summer. 6cm elevator insoles inside the shoes can help you be taller. Whether men or women can find the size fit for them, because it has different size for different gender. The size for men random from Euro 37 to Euro 42 while women Euro 34-39. As for colors, the shoes are designed with bright colors  in the  combination as yellow/black, white/gray and blue.

new style sport height increasing lovers shoes

Take advantage of good weather to have a date. Wish you sweet and happy.

By the way, sku for men’s is “332K01” while women’s “W97k01”.

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