Peter Dinklage:4′ 5″

While referring to short but attractive Hollywood male actors, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are the the outstanding representative. In fact, their height is just lower than average height and with elevating shoes or insoles to make up it. There is one male actor, no matter what efforts he did, he would be forever “looked down ” from vision for suffering achondroplasia. He is called Peter Dinklage.

God closes one door while opening another window for you. Peter Dinklage has excellent talent on acting and drama. Besides, he is very optimistic and humor. In our opinion, short actors are tend to act in comedy, making fun to audience by their short height. Peter Dinklage was more famous for the drama “Game of Thrones”, in which played a royal member called Tyrion Lannister, making up the defect of height by wisdom.

His female partner in the drama,  Lena Headey described him as that “before you meet him, you will think the he is so short; however, after you know him, you will find he is so charming. He can played well of the role for Tyrion Lannister “. As a result, he was also won both Emmy and Golden Globe Awards through this role.

Peter Dinklage and erica schmidt

Of course, he will never be taller than any normal woman, but he is still admired by many women. In 20015, he married with  Erica Schmidt. With his own talents and efforts, Peter Dinklage proves that although god doesn’t give you a perfect appearance, you can still get the equal happiness as normal people and even happier.