Why lots of man choose elevator shoes Instead of lifts?

Elevator shoes and shoes lifts have the same function,both of them can make men look taller instantly and invisibly.With the progress of the times,lots of men choose elevator shoes in the life.

Here is the advantage for shoes lifts:

1.You can buy the shoes lifts at lots of shoes store,and the price is very cheap,not more than $50.

2.It is very easy and convenient.

3.You can put shoes lifts into every shoes when you want to look taller.

shoes lifts

YES,lifts have should be more fashion than elevator shoes,but shoes lifts have the fatal flaws:

Shoes lifts is not fixed in the shoes,that is to say,it can movable,when the man put it into the shoes and walking,the lifts is running in the shoes,make your feet feel very uncomfortable,when you wearing the shoes with lift all of the time,it will be hurt structure of human’s foot bone,if you not want to be a handicapped person,we advise you not use shoes lifts.

Elevator shoes is different for shoes lifts.elevator shoes was designed to fit structure of human’s foot bone by our professional designer,comfort ensured.the increaser is fixed in the shoes,when the people wear it,it feel like formal shoes.high heel can not maintain a good balance of the body,so you can see lots of women fall down.but this does not happen for Chamaripa elevator shoes.

elevator shoes

Chamaripa elevator shoes with full pads by high-level,not like the other elevator shoes use the half pad increaser.chamaripa shoes processed by a professional production from within the elevator shoes.so if you want to look taller with comfortable and cosy,we recommend you choose the best elevator shoes brand-Chamaripa.

How much could you afford to elevator shoes

Sometimes, we may be asked “why your products are so expensive, I found the similar style elevator shoes on aliexpress in very low price under $30.” Before we discuss whether the shoes quality can be equal to the price, the bottom line is that: If you think you are enough tall and perfect, you don’t need them; If you couldn’t afford them, sorry it is the lowest price we can provide.

I  hope to get my expected goods within my pocket and any beyond my budget I would claim to be expensive. It is the common consumer psychology. But I never deny Louis Vuitton bags matching with its sky-high price even though the material is same as most other ordinary bags. Why? Because Louis Vuitton can benefit consumers more than functionality bags can bring to us. We won’t  fill much things on LV bags, we just want them to show status.

In the same way, we bought height shoes to enjoy the benefits. Shoes can make us raise height 2-5 inch instantly and invisibly; Be aware of your posture – walk tall, shoulders back and stomach in;Boost your spirit and confidence; Remind you to be superior than others. All these benefits couldn’t be got from such inferior elevator shoes OEM by some small amateurish factories. As we will prefer to the long history cars brands, the company that has rich professional experience on shoes are your best choice.

chamaripa  shoes craft

Since 1990, Chamaripa only do one thing from day to day, that’s make and improve taller shoes to be more suitable and comfortable for feet in the most fashionable look.

How much could you afford to elevator shoes? What kind of style shoes do you like better? You are welcome to discuss with us!

2015 spring/summer sport taller lovers shoes

For the metaphor of lovers or marriage, we can always hear that “lover/marriage is like one pair of shoes, whether it is suitable for you or not, only feet knows”. Recently, I’m watching the TV series “‘Friends”  again and found some interesting things about this. Monica has date with some men, but ultimately ruined by her friends. Once, she dates with a man called Alan. Surprisingly , all of her friends like tony very much. But for her, she has no sense and couldn’t feel the love between Alan. At last, Alan became one of her ex-boyfriend. It tells us whether a man or woman fit for you ultimately depends on you instead of your friends. Because it is you who date and live with him/her.

lovers shoes to make you look taller

So you should choose suitable shoes carefully as you choosing your partner. Otherwise, you will always has bad thought as “it is not my shoes, it is not my shoes” as Phoebe. How to choose the shoes that fit for both of you? There is no suitable than “lovers shoes”!

colorful sneakers for lovers

It is the first time that Chamaripa tries to manufacture lovers shoes. It is designed several months ago and checked lots of procedures before finished. A pair of sport shoes made with mesh/suede leather can be very breathable and comfortable for sporting in spring and summer. 6cm elevator insoles inside the shoes can help you be taller. Whether men or women can find the size fit for them, because it has different size for different gender. The size for men random from Euro 37 to Euro 42 while women Euro 34-39. As for colors, the shoes are designed with bright colors  in the  combination as yellow/black, white/gray and blue.

new style sport height increasing lovers shoes

Take advantage of good weather to have a date. Wish you sweet and happy.

By the way, sku for men’s is “332K01” while women’s “W97k01”.

Link for men’s: http://www.chamaripashoes.com/2015-spring-summer-breathable-mesh-sport-taller-lover-shoes.html

Link for women’s: http://www.chamaripashoes.com/new-style-sport-lovers-shoes-to-make-you-look-taller-6-cm-2-36-inch.html

The Frequently Questions About Elevator Shoes

Q:Wearing elevator shoes can make me grow taller?
A:No.elevator shoes only can make you look taller,not grow taller.so when you take off height increasing shoes,your net Height is not change.

Robert Downey Jr

Q:Others will laugh at me when I wearing elevator shoes?
A:No.what is elevator shoes?elevator shoes is make you look taller 2-5 inch instantly and invisibly.elevator shoes is look like formal shoes,so when you wearing it,there is no one know what you wear.

Q:Is there any harm when wearing elevator shoes?
A:Not any.as far as I know that our Chamaripa shoes is designed to fit structure of human’s foot bone by our professional designer,comfort ensured.all of our shoes’ leather are tested, and has been certified safe.so there is no any harm when you wearing them.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Q:gravida can wear elevator shoes?
A:Yes.the increser is 2-5 inch for elevator shoes,so if are a gravida and early pregnancy,you can wear the elevator shoes with lower height.Of course,to be safe,we not advise you wear it at the later period.

Q:Do you know some celebrities wear elevator shoes?
A:YES.now lots of celebrities who’s height is less than 180cm wear elevator shoes.such as french president Nicolas Sarkozy,American film actor Tom Cruise,American film actor Robert Downey Jr. Japan’s all-around entertainer Kimura takuya and so on.

Tom Cruise

Q:Is there necessary for men to wear elevator shoes?
A:Yes,is necessary.If a man is shorter than his girlfriend or wife, then it is very necessary for him to wear elevator shoes.If you are a taller man,you can offer them more secure.and if you shorter than your girlfriend or wife,you will be lose the face.

men’s 2015 spring collection:retro style

Fashion is a kind of reincarnation. Retro style is never out of style. In men’s 2015 spring collection, retro style whether in tailoring clothes or shoes  is very noticeable. It can be fully indicated from the big fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Prada 2015 spring style

Prada Show is the biggest surprise in Spring/summer 2015 Milan fashion week. It is a magnificent tailoring clothes shows that make us remind the 1970s. Deep colors as dark blue and dark green with special tailoring model bring us the feeling of luxury and elegance. Miuccia Prada explained her creation as that :”why people now are attracted by retro style clothes, for the superior quality by excellent skills is fading gradually. I hope I can do something to recover it “.

ouis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2015

Louis Vuitton shows in spring/summer 2015 Paris fashion week also responding to this trend. It is a grand banquet in the theme of incorporation for leisure tour and gorgeous  restoration.It is different from its modern tour works in last two shows . Vintage elements includes printing and rivets.

Fashion show is a guide. Retro style is not only showed in ready-to- wear clothes, but also elevator shoes. We don’t deny Prada and Louis Vuitton are luxurious brands that not all of us can enjoy it. But when mentioned in manufacturing height increasing shoes. It may not equal to a professional brand called Chamaripa which has more than 20 years experience. It only make special elevating shoes instead of normal shoes. Besides, it also comply with the latest fashion.

vintage style dress elevator shoes for men

As showed in the picture, it leads you to the romantic Paris time. Color as black and brown is classic. Punching and carved pattern make the shoes at high quality texture.

Peter Dinklage:4′ 5″

While referring to short but attractive Hollywood male actors, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are the the outstanding representative. In fact, their height is just lower than average height and with elevating shoes or insoles to make up it. There is one male actor, no matter what efforts he did, he would be forever “looked down ” from vision for suffering achondroplasia. He is called Peter Dinklage.

God closes one door while opening another window for you. Peter Dinklage has excellent talent on acting and drama. Besides, he is very optimistic and humor. In our opinion, short actors are tend to act in comedy, making fun to audience by their short height. Peter Dinklage was more famous for the drama “Game of Thrones”, in which played a royal member called Tyrion Lannister, making up the defect of height by wisdom.

His female partner in the drama,  Lena Headey described him as that “before you meet him, you will think the he is so short; however, after you know him, you will find he is so charming. He can played well of the role for Tyrion Lannister “. As a result, he was also won both Emmy and Golden Globe Awards through this role.

Peter Dinklage and erica schmidt

Of course, he will never be taller than any normal woman, but he is still admired by many women. In 20015, he married with  Erica Schmidt. With his own talents and efforts, Peter Dinklage proves that although god doesn’t give you a perfect appearance, you can still get the equal happiness as normal people and even happier.

men’s average height in worldwide nations

It is reported that men in Netherlands can reach to 182.5 cm and women in 170 cm.  When Asians travel to Netherlands, their hands couldn’t reach to the armrest at car and feet couldn’t reach to the earth when sitting on the toilets resulted from short height. Koreans have the tallest height in Asia which excesses Central and South America and and approach  southern Europe. However, North Koreans grow shorter for poor economic and malnutrition.

Young men in Japan have already be a bit taller than Chinese. It proves that living standard and living standard are as important as innate gene. In China, height difference between south and north, city and village, coastal  and inland areas still remains. Average height in Europe and America is generally higher than Asia.

men's average height in worldwide nations

Men’s(20 years old- 25 years old) average height in worldwide nations(partial data):

1.Netherlands: 182.5 cm

9.UK:178.1 cm

15.France:176.4 cm

20.US:175 cm

24. Korean:173.3 cm

32:China:169.7 cm

37:North Korea:158 cm


Men’s increasing loafers for Spring

Only when I take off my heavy winter clothes and boots, I feel that Spring is coming. In spring, everything rouses up from sleeping. When you look at the green trees and colorful flowers, don’t you want to have a outside trip? One pair of light and comfortable can take you to a happy journey. Slip-on loafers, driving shoes, or moccasin fits perfect.

Loafers at Chamaripa are sold well among casual shoes. This time, one of the top selling driving shoes (MODEL: 032H02) will be introduced to you.

Superior materials:upper in soft genuine leather, lining in breathable pigskin;

Color:stitching and mixing color in white, blue and brown;

Design:lace-less, Moc-toe boat,with word”L” “V” in the center.

Function: protect your feet, elevate your height in 2.36 inch, remind you to keep elegant body stature.

In-kind Shooting pictures:

slip-on taller shoes lace-less height shoes

men's lace-less elevated shoes

Why lots of men choose elevator shoes

Elevator shoes for lots of men,which is not unfamiliar.height increasing shoes can make men look taller 5-13cm instantly and invisibly.it looks like nomal shoes,they have the same category as well as ordinary shoes,such as formal dress shoes,boots,business Casual,sneakers,sandal,and so on.

women can wear high heel,then they become taller than there really height,or more than big department of their male,so the man unconvinced,depressed,insecure….then they have to choose elevator shoes,and become taller than before.

women is taller than men

I have a Male friend,he is very excellent, graduated from the leading universities, with the objective of income.2 years ago,he had a girlfriend, when they want to get married and see both parents,I think this is a good thing but at last there love to be shoted by his girlfriend’s parents,becasue my friend height is only 158cm,as a man,the height is the same as the equivalent of three disabled,so they can’t accept my friend,he is so sad.now you can see how important for the men’s height.

If you are a short man,you will be discriminated against in In love,job,life.so the short man had to mind there height.maybe lots of people think that height is determined by genes,they have nothing to do.20 years ago,you may Powerless for your the height.but now,becoming taller is very easy for every one.you don’t need to do bones stretching surgery,needn’t to change the genes,only need to buy one pair of elevator shoes,then you can be taller instantly,it is so magical.

If you still warry about your height,if you don’t know how to become taller,if you still use the diet and medical treatment to become taller,you are out.you only take about $100 to get one pair of shoes,then every problem will be solve.now we recommend a elevtor shoes brand for you,chamaripa shoes is a good choice,they have a good quality,and more Professional than the other brands.